Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Miami Boat Show

I avoided stepping on the really big boats (except for 2) and concentrated my time on  vessels around 40', This Hylas 45 was sweet.

This Seaward 46 RK was the most intriguing with lots of out of the box thinking, I did not want to  leave this boat, has a motorized Keel  that raises and lowers, that is the top of it in front of the mast. 

I had to step on this Gunboat 60, absolutly AWESOME

Now my Favorite Catamaran, the Leopard 39'

And right up front being showcased by Catalina was our very first  boat  a Catalina 250  exact;y like this one!

On the Mast are some new type of Wind Generators being Beta Tested here at the Miami Boat Show. After talking to the owner about his experience of allowing his boat as a guinea pig to be the first to have the new technology installed on his boat for free really schooled me. 

Almost Overwhelming at the Strictly Sail, so much to see.

Found the Mountain top where Jimmy Cornell was giving a FREE workshop on World Cruising Routes. 

You Know Eric Stone would be there playing!

The Yellow Water taxi that takes you from the Strictly sail to  the Power Boat Show. 

The First day got rainy in the afternoon so we water taxied over to the Power side thinking it would have stuff indoors, on the way over we counted 6 cruise ships docked, No wonder there were no rooms in Miami!

Downtown Miami

This Banyon Tree at the Strictly Sail was the biggest we have seen so far.

We took a bus over to the Miami Beach Convention Center where the entire world of boating lived. 

The Draw bridge stopped the traffic and all of a sudden this film crew jumped out in front of our bus and  started filming this very Miami couple....funny!

I think that couple being filmed must have owned a boat like this.

Just add GAS

I loved the Luxury Dingy's

My two favorite freebies, Rocna anchor/beer opener and my "GO" Yanmar bag.

Relaxing in the fighting Chair

The 2013 Miami Boat Show

The Miami boat show has been in the back of my mind for some time. I knew we should not miss this opportunity but I really did not know exactly what to expect. We have been to several boat shows in Texas but nothing on this scale. Here is part of the Promo on the website:

"See what’s new at the Greatest Boat Show in the World! Florida's largest annual event spans three locations—the Miami Beach Convention Center, the New Yacht & Power Boat Show at Sea Isle Marina and Strictly Sail® at Miamarina at Bayside—and features more than 3,000 boats and 2,000 exhibitors from all over the globe. There’s no better place to preview the new boating season!"

After reading that you still do not know what that means unless you have been there before. Every single thing about boating (and all that is even slightly related) I have ever read about, talked to or discussed with others about, considered, or dreamed about, was there. We had the opportunity if we wanted to to walk up to a booth and talk to the MAN for every single component on our vessel or any others for that matter. You had direct contact with the people who had the correct answer for whatever. The "Man" was right in front of you and you did not have to weed through internet knowledge to get at the solution. Then there were lots of free workshops you just walked into, I chose two to attend and the Admiral chose two others (divide and conquer). My favorite was with Jimmy Cornell presenting World Cruising Routes. The Admiral enjoyed the" Cruising with Couples" seminar. She said it confirmed many things we were doing as well as several new ideas we could do to bed more efficient. Also since this was a popular one for the Admirals there was a git a camaraderie in the group that validated a lot of the things each has experienced along the way.

The first day we went directly to the Strictly Sail. We spent the entire morning there and after the rain started in the afternoon we thought we might escape the rain a bit and take the free Water Taxi over to the Power Boat show at Sea Isle Marina. Well there was fewer places here to hide from the rain but I did step on a Cutwater Trawler that I have heard a lot about from people who were choosing their Loop Boat. We then hoped aboard the shuttle bus to the Miami Beach Convention Center where the mother of all things boating lived. Almost overwhelmed, which way to go first? If I had only known I would have spent a few days planning out exactly our route to navigate the show. But then again I saw tons of stuff just wondering about that I would have missed if I did have a plan. by 1800 hrs we were ready to give it up and headed for Ft. Lauderdale where we were able to book a room. It was clear why Miami had  no rooms anywhere with the Largest Boat Show in the World +  6 cruise ships docked, Holy Cow, lots of humans. 
Saturday we actually had a plan of action, Back to the Strictly Sail to attend some seminars, step on a few boats and then back to the Convention center for the afternoon. The plan helped me deal with the enormity much better and since we had a time schedule we could just stay focused and not get distracted by all the Eye Candy. The Admiral was not interested on getting on a lot of vessels but I had a few I wanted to see. Again I avoided all the big ones except I had to get on a 60' Oyster and a 60' Gunboat Catamaran the only chance I might have in my lifetime. The Seaward 46 RK was a very intriguing vessel, a lot of out of the box thinking went into this very cool sailboat. I wished I had more time to just look at more closely. I  Checked out the Leopard 39 catamaran and if I was the Cat type this would be the one. I also had the chance to talk to the owner of a 40' something vessel who had volunteered his boat to be used as a test boat for a new type of wind generators for sailboats. It was pretty cool since he would sailaway with the newest technology aboard his cruising boat just for letting  them use his boat as a demo for the boat show. They were having issues resolving some of the mounting hardware and it was going to delay his cruising for a few months while they re-engineer the mounts and fix the holes they had already drilled in his mount for the first attempt. Sort have to be careful what you agree to be the Guinea Pig for. 
We finished our day at the Garmin booth where the latest navigation tools are again amazing. 
Maybe one day we will get to the Annapolis Boat show that is the Largest Strictly Sail in the world, but not sure when that might happen since we are making a 180 in our cruising plans. Our daughter called and reported that she is 3 months pregnant (her first) and the baby is due in August. Seattle here we come. Yep, we are moving to Seattle for a couple of years to assist her and our Son in Law with this child. Our immediate plans are to return to   Texas before June and secure Wand'rin Star so we can be in Seattle by August. Not enough time to plan a Long Voyage like that through the Panama so she may go back up to Seattle on a Truck!

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