Thursday, May 10, 2018

Seattle April - the WinterSpring of 2018

April, I call it the WinterSpring of 2018. I have to say I was a little disappointed that Spring did not arrive like the first four years we have been here.

But you still get spring like sunsets, it's just wetter and colder than usual.

When the skies cleared and it turned blue it was time for boat Projects like adding some dingy Davits to SNOWBALL.

Many sailors in the PNW just tow their dingy, we have had a couple of expereiences where the dingy tow  line broke  so I prefere having the dingy stowed onn Davits securely. It is a trade off since it adds overall length and weight to the vessel. Something you always paying for when paying for transit moorage.

Every trip to Bainbridge now ends with a visit to Tranquility park.

The Ferry ride home provides those incredible sunsets over the olympics.

Rainy days call for creative insdie fun, making kid Burritos 

Our Seattle family is abandoning the condo lifestyle for homier spaces.

Seattle Art Museum, another fine place to hang out on a rainy cold spring day. However I was a bit taken back by the need for Empathy instruction. Another casualty of technology where face to face human interaction has taken a back seat to social media apps. I recently saw a short documentary on the falling birth rate in Japan. They interviewed a young male who place attraction to the opposite sex 5th behind other interest. NOT only are they not empathetic but they are not interested in sex anymore.

The solution to the lack of empathy is to surround kids with love.

I have been wanting to attend the annual Fisheries Supply sponsored Marine Flea market where all thousands of local sailors are invited to come sell their extra gear. I finally got to go this year but an early morning storm chased evberyone away leaving just a couple of hardy souls, What A Bummer! 

So proud of our First Born grandchild who made her Fashion Debut at Threadfair 2018 in Austin, TX with her original designs she sewed herself.

"Threadfair is an annual, student-run fashion show in Austin, Texas. Designers and models are high schoolers from across the Austin Independent School District. This year marks the 11th Anniversary of the Threadfair Fashion Show.
This production serves as a platform for aspiring young designers to create a collection exhibiting their individual aesthetic and passion. Additionally, it's a showcase to the community of the talent and hard work of students in the area.
The show is judged by professionals from the local fashion scene and prizes are awarded to the top three designers.
We are also partnering with the non-profit, Dress for Success Austin, to raise money to help women obtain professional attire and gain economic independence".

The long 9 month wair has ended, Iversons arrives at Eagle Harbor to begin the design an install of a new dodger, bimini, and enclosure for SNOWBALL.

Kyle and Mickey are the artisans.. 

After installing the hardware they build the patterns out of plastic.

9 hours later they are almost done, they just have to remove the plastic and take it back to the shop to begin constructing the canvass. 

If everyone went sailing and enjoyed sunsets at the end of the day they would have plenty of empathy and sex.