Thursday, August 11, 2016

Seattle July 2016

July 4th is the Official start of Summer in Seattle, after that every Thursday all summer long are the Free Thursday evening concerts at the SAM Sculpture gardens, complete with food trucks and Great Puget Sound Scenery, and the Tursday night Regatta right out in front in Elliot Bay.

This glass sculpture mimics the Seattle sky year round.

The Pond was very busy July 4th

The 4th of July Wooden boat festival started off sort of low Key this year, but by the 4th it was hoppin!

I just snapped a few photos this year of vessels I have not seen at the event before.

Ginger, my sisters name.

When I first saw this I wondered if it was Stephen Ladd who wrote the book "Three Years on a 12 foot Sailboat, but no, it was another PNW saillor who built his own craft and I am sure he has some stories to tell.

Here is a very creative trimaran, the outriggers are two PVC pipes epoxied together at the ends. He says they work great.

Everyone can build their own.

The new CWB building is taking shape.

We spent another day at the locks.

A few Salmon were running.

The Argosy Tour boat locking through.

He got one.

Locks very busy in the afternoons coming and going!

Lots of flowers blooming around the grounds that surround the locks.

Purple Passion Flower

Wait what is that?

Blooming Artichokes!

And the Band plays.

first time to see the Blimp Goodyear Blimp over Seattle, we've seen a few others...

Roof going on today.

And of course the Extra Low tide in July.

Seattle July 2016

Summer 2016 is elusive, Seattle was fooled in May when there was about a week of summer like weather which means lots of sun and highs into the 80's, Even the official start of summer, July 4th was overcast most of the day and highs in the 60's. One benefit if all these mini lows passing through is great wind on Lake Union for teaching sailing. And, since most do not have air conditioning, the cool nights are much better to sleep by than those days where the temps move toward the high 80's.
Seattle is a great place to be this time of the year as the things to do list grows. Searching for our Puget sound vessel has certainly dominated my behavior but it is not hard to combine fun with the search. We schedule appointments to see a particular vessel early am and then have the afternoon to explore wherever we happen to be shopping for boats whether it is Anacortes, Tacoma, Gig Harbor or elsewhere.
We need to find a boat to see in Olympia, have not been there yet!

I went to visit this 37' Pacific Trawler recently...can't seem to get it out of my mind.