Thursday, March 7, 2019

SNOWMAGEDON 2019 In Seattle

SNOWMAGEDON 2019 In Seattle

February opened with a forecast for several days of snow. Few people West of the Cascades knew what that meant. Hundreds of people move into the Pacific Northwest everyday so in the last five years thousands have never experienced anything more than a little snow that may have lasted a few hours and was completely melted in just a few hours. Even the natives were befuddled. Puget Sound is like a heater in the winter since the water temperature is above 40 degrees, So the closer to the water you are the more moderate the climate, until now.

The first of FIVE consecutive winter storms begins
 See video at: Visibility was just a couple of blocks as we witness the start of SNOWMAGEDON from the 12th floor on 1st Avenue.

This would be the typical wind profile for each of the five storms.

The tourist season starts early here in Seattle.

So many tourist stand in this exact spot for the ultimate Sapce Needle Selfie.

4-6" fell in the first round.

Many trees simply collapsed from the weight of the snow plus the winds.

Since so many streets were closed off, people brought out there snow boards, skies, and other gear to Play. Here there were a few sliding down the sides of the fountain at Seattle Center.

Just Body Surfing works to.
See Video:

Confused Gull

The City was to overwhelmed to clear the sidewalks so just walking was treacherous on this Ice/snow pack. 

The city did a good job of snowplowing and salting  the inner city streets and the primary routes around the county. But the City only owns 47 snowplows so NO neighborhood streets were cleared, many were trapped in their own driveways for two weeks. East coast cities have a fleet of 400 snowplows, so even neighborhood streets get cleared. 
They did however have the ramps at each intersection cleared, after that it was a balancing act.

A Great time to play Snoopy Snow baseball!

My daughter scored this snow shovel which was an amazing feat since every store in town was sold out of shovels and salt immediately, No one has ever needed them before!

NO Problem!

I am sure that even those who have continuously denied Global Warming and Climate Change no longer can ignore the reality before them with record devastating forest fires, floods, winter/wind storms of all kinds, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides across the US. Few communities have escaped. Those who continue to deny climate change are sadly in it for the money, corporate greed and politics. The last five years here in Seattle has been a continuous series of first in history weather events, either hotter, colder, windier, drier, wetter, more fires,  more snow than all previous records. 
Whats happening in your neighborhood?