Wednesday, January 18, 2017

From Baby Clara to Dreaming the Dream December 2016 in Seattle

From Baby Clara to Dreaming the Dream December 2016 in Seattle

Late November Clara was born into the Steakley/Dicker family. Our Grandparent skills once again called upon by a newborn. We had to brush up but it did not take as long to feel right at ease since Drew is just 3 years her senior. Clara seems calmer, more patient, and easy going compared to her brother, but that may just be that everyone around her is much more secure in newborn care. Her dad wondered aloud "How do you hit the red hair lottery twice?"

Drew mixed with happiness and concern of having to share his domain now And Clara cutting those eyes like, "I'm the Baby, You're Not"

This incredible being closes the circle on the nuclear third generation of our family. It takes a strong willed spirit to have this this position in this family!

More time at Pocket Beach with Drew. the little cove is always calm except for the waves that come from far out in Elliot Bay from passing tugs and ferries.

The Downtown Christmas tree is still showing the effects from last years tree climber who made it to the top and stripped the upper branches to toss down at police encouraging him to climb down.

After Thanksgiving and when the Holiday shopping starts to peak, the annual Christmas Demonstrations happen in Downtown Seattle, we were reminded of this after a walk down to Macy's to get a couple of items. A whole row of motorcycle police waiting to escort the demonstrators around town. A good time for us to be on our way home.

This city goes all out for Christmas, every window is decorated to the max.

When you see several news helicopters overhead you know the Demonstration is about to begin.

It's a Snoopy Christmas

We are experiencing a REAL Seattle winter this year. Lots of rain in the lowlands, record snow pack in the higher elevations and Glorious Sunny days in-between storm systems. 

Everyone emerges on the Sunny days to take in the sights and marvel at the incredible snow capped Olympics and Cascades. 

Yeah, it's chilly but its Sunny! The traditional winter of highs in the 40's and overnight lows in the 30's are 10 degrees cooler this winter with day time highs in the 30's and overnight lows in the 20's.

This is the traditional parade route for all the big parades n Seattle. That long line is 4th avenuse and we live on 1st so it is always a short walk to get in the mix.

The Seattle Sounders are the 2016 MLS Champions! We are big Sounders fans so we made sure to get in this parade.

Seattle Center is huge so you can squeeze thousands in for the Celebration.

A few people did not show up at work today.


Head Coach Brian Schmetzer getting mobbed by the Supporters

Ozzy presenting the 2016 MLS Cup

Dempsey had the Last Word!

The Space Needle glowed all Week for the Sounders.

A few days later we walked down to the Pro Shop at Century Link field to see, touch and get a picture with the 2016 MLS Cup.

Scarfs Up!

Meanwhile my old sailing buddy Mark who lives in Fort Collins, CO sends this.
I guess its cold in Colorado!

But Mark is managing to stay warm in the garage fixing up his new 1960 Austin Healey.

We walk by the public radio station on the way to get groceries. There is often free live music at KEXP so we just pop in. 

Our 5th attempt to buy a sailboat ended the same way as the other four, but know we know there is a reason why.

The snow outlines the peaks of the Olympics, I'm trying to find the name of the dome shaped mountain in the center of this picture. 

For the last two years I have been working on a this book. It is almost complete. We are convinced that our recent search for our Puget Sound Boat has led us on a journey dictated by the need to complete this book. Every time we went through the process of trying to buy our next boat we acquired new strategies to  help identify any possible issues with the vessel that could become more than we wanted to manage. Each time I revised the text to include what we learned. Evidently the 5th time is the charm since I feel confident that we have a complete approach to share with others. I hope to have it available on Amazon in early February!

As the last of the low moves East over the Bay we know we will be rewarded with a day or so of sun before the next one moves in.