Wednesday, October 16, 2019

September 2019 Bainbridge & Blake Island, Ft. Worth, Texas

September 2019 Bainbridge & Blake Island, Ft. Worth, Texas

Living with an Intuitive is always interesting. She just has a 6th sense about what the immediate future will bring. She said we better get some sailing in now, so we spent a weekend sailing to Bainbridge and then the next weekend over to Blake Island for three days. Then about mid month we got the news that a celebration of the Admiral's Aunt Roseann 94 years had been scheduled and we booked a flight to Austin. A drive up to Ft. Worth for a day with our son Graeme to spend a day to celebrate her life with the Pearson/Erwin side of our family. A early Fall in Seattle and just wondering what October will bring?

The remains of the Annual BumperShoot Music Festival at Seattle Center. Bumpershoot is sort of the ACL music festival in Austin, but BumperShoot only is for one three day weekend.see:

Big D has an infinite number of Hot Wheel cars., we spend hours playing an infinite number of creative games, sometimes each car has a PIXAR, or Disney, or any other kids movie character names. No matter how many characters are in the game it is required that you remember the names of each car at all times.

Back to Bainbridge Island for a overnight at the city dock.

If your headed South from Shilshole then it is highly likely you will pass near this green can #1. It is almost inhabited by one or more sea lions or seals sunning.

They are sometimes cute.

Many interesting things at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

The artist Chris Maynard uses bird feathers to create these intricate pieces.

Cathy Ross's "Cat Woman"

Always an interesting vessel in any of the numerous Puget Sound marinas, how about this motor sailor?

The next night back at Shilshole we see some forest fire smoke blown in from Alaska. Very weird that they are experiencing very high Summer temps and forest fires and the Puget Sound region is not.

Fall moves into Seattle two weeks early

Another 3 day trip to Blake Island.

Half way down the Cross Island Trail.

First time to see this type of mushroom in the PNW forest. reminded me of the Staghorn Coral we would see when snorkeling in the Caribbean off the Yucatan Coast.

The Northwest corner of the island. 

And we met this guy.

Even though an elevation of 206 feet is not all that much in the PNW, if you experience several ups/downs from sea level to 200' along the way you get a pretty good hike in !!!

This rock is a composite of many different rocks, was this blown out of a volcanoe?

September is Spider mating month so there is a lot of activity this time of year and lots of cobwebs.

First time for us to hike the whole cross Island trail.

Hiking the trails during September in the Pacific NW during spider mating month takes a little ingenuity, a tree branch works pretty good.

Taking United to Austin this time, have not been in this SEATAC terminal in a long time. fun pics for creative grandkids. 

Clara LOVES Cats

The trees are letting go two weeks early also.

A stop at Big Daves' shop to take some pics before going to celebrate the life of the Admirals Aunt Roseann

Roseann was a big supporter of the Ft. Worth Symphony and she hand picked the musicians she wanted to play at the reception after the service at All Saints Episcopal in Ft. Worth. 

All Saints is where the Admiral and I were married in the Chapel. A great time to remember another transitional moment.

Another Hill Country Sunset in Austin.

We caught a very early flight back to Seattle, Great sunrise on the way.

Whoah, you foget just how big Los Angelas is!

Waiting of our connecting flight at LAX we both laugh when we look out the window and see palm trees. 

But the flight Northward up the West coast gives spectacular views of the Cascade range here with Mt St. Helen's in the foreground and Mt. Adams in the Background

Mt. Hood, Oregon

A belated celebration of the Admiral's Birthday at Palasade Restaurant, one of the best places in Seattle to have a salmon cooked for you. A view of Elliot Bay Marina and downtown Seattle. 
A cool but sunny last day, Happy Birthday, of September 2019