Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Holistic Dingy Research Study

One dingy has "Dingy Chaps"

Obey the Rules

Inflatable floor with wooden slats

Someone left this dingy by the trash, someone else came along to save it.

The fold up dingy's really fold up, and they are water tight!

Homemade Moby Dick Dingy

 these are relatively inexpensive, like $500 and they have a small catamaran hull

Viking Dingy

I talked to this guy and he made this himself using a inner aluminum shell with spray foam all around the outside and wrapped up in a blue tarp. Unsinkable.

The Smallest Dingy in the World!

Evil Walker Bay Dingy very unstable, I once went in the drink when one of these flipped over on me.

Better Walker bay with stabilizing pontoon fitted all around

Canoe Dingy with outboard, this guy really cruises fast in it.

This is a Fast Garvey, A Kit that sailors from the NorthEast like to build.:

The new wave, a propane outboard even Honda makes one.

A Portland Pudgy: everyone likes looking at these and  talking about them.

The sunsets look just as good from a dingy!

The Holistic Dingy Research Study

There are so many different types of dingy's hear in Marathon that it is fun just seeing them come and go. There are lots of homemade dingy's, several types of inflatables, several types of RIB's, fold up dingy's, Kit Dingy's, Really big dingy's, really small dingy's, sailing dingy's, plastic, wood, fiberglass, foam, aluminum and on and on. I thought about doing a Holistic Dingy Research Study while I was here but after googleing Holistic Research I realized I would need a committee to get it done. I pitched it to a few sailors on the dingy docks but no one took the bait....I thought it cold be great fun culminating in a big Show and Tell at the dingy docks where each owner could do a presentation on his or her dingy. After being in Marathon now for almost 4 months I know that a Holistic Research Study will never happen here, it is just to much work and there are way to many other things that you would rather do than stand around and interview sailors about their dingy's .
I just wonder why they have the dingy they do?

This is the last blog from Marathon, Bill is here and we plan to depart tomorrow 0700 hrs. for Little Shark River, here is a Google Earth Pic of the Anchorage there:

Next Blog will be from St. Pete...Wand'rin Star out, standing By on 16

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