Saturday, March 2, 2013

Florida Key's Sunsets', A Shared Experience

A True Key Sunset Experience everyday at Sunset Park in Key Colony

Each of these little out of the way spots have their own special feel.

This little Island makes for some pretty exclusive living. 

Everyday these 70'+ yachts  are traveling both directions on Hawk's Channel

And these 40'+ trawlers

Easy to see the difference when they pass each other. 

There is a spot for everyone at Sunset Park

As the sun begins it's final decent the community around the park begin to gather with their Happy hour drinks. 

Even though there are 50 or so people attending this day's sunset all is quiet. 

A group of amateur singers begin to gather

They 1812 Overture begins to play

They time it so the 1812 Overture ends exactly at sunset. 

Everyone gets a copy of the Marathon Sunset song to join in Song

No one enjoys Sunset's like the natives in the Key's
Sunset Park

There is a great little park in Key Colony on the East End of Marathon. Few tourist and mostly just people from the surrounding community gather here daily to celebrate the Sunset. The Admiral found out about this little jewel and we took the short drive over. We were among the first to arrive around 1730 hrs. Then slowly  a smiling bunch of all ages walked, or biked to the park. There were a small group of musicians gathering by one of the picnic tables. The set up speakers and a small sound system. There was a excellent communal vibe happening. Some friends gathered and visited, others found a spot and sat toward the sun. There were happy dogs. As the sun begin to get near the horizon the 1812 Overture sounded through the park. Everyone begin to assemble near the musicians and they handed out the chorus to a Marathon Sunset song. We all sang and enjoyed the moment  then just as they had come they slowly departed. We were one of the few who had arrived by car so we stayed till the walkways cleared and had a great evening aboard Wand'rin Star

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