Friday, March 15, 2013

Coco Plum Marina Swap Meet

Roco and Gator rode with me over to the Swap Meet

They did not show up for the swap meet

Wished I could have bought the shark!

The swap meet was spread out all over the boat yard and marina

Nearly bought one of those mast ladders that runs up the sail track  over here.

A lot of interesting stuff over there but just to look at

These guys were restoring this old wooden vessel, Roco and I did not approve of their work, Gator couldn't have cared  less.

Coco Plum Marina Swap Meet

I heard on the Cruisers Net there was going to be a swap meet at Coco Plum Marina which is just a few miles to the NE on Hwy.1 I stopped by Roco's and Gators boat to see if they would like to go check it out with me and they said they would love to and would be up to the dingy dock in just a bit. You can see some interesting marine gear in a Marathon swap meet, a lot of really old stuff, there were about three items I was interested in but only bought just one small electrical part that will eventually clean up my NEMA connections and make it easier to service in the future. We spent a couple of hours here and we were really interested in the cove where this marina is located, we saw a few sailboats in there that made us think that we could get our boats in there as it looked like a great place to hide out from storms. Roco and Gator could not find any thing to buy but I think Gator had a great time smelling everything. Gator is a Western Caribbean Rottweiler.  Everyone seems to like to come up and say hi to Gator. He is a famous dog in Key West! Roco says everyone remembers Gator but they don't remember him? I just heard that the Dania Beach Marine swape meet and flea market is this coming weekend...This is the biggest one in the world and unfortunately I will have to miss it as preparations are underway to make the return trip to St. Petersburg. We plan to make it a 7 day trip + any weather delays so I can see all the stuff we missed on our trip down to Marathon.
The float plan is all day trips starting with 4 off shore passages to Little Shark River anchorage in the Southern Everglades, then to Indian Key Anchorage in the Northern part of the Everglades just 4 miles from Everglades City, then to a anchorage or Mooring in Naples, then to the Ft. Myers Beach Moorings. From there we will travel up the GICW to Engelwood Beach Anchorage, then to Long Beach anchorage and lastly to the St. Pete Municipal Marina. I send out a test Spot Saturday. Bill Wilson is coming down from St. Pete to take the ride, the Admiral is in Texas helping her parents out and she will fly back and join me when we get to St. Pete.

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