Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Marathon Seafood Festival

This is the Entrance to the Seafood Festival

This is the Tent where I worked as a volunteer for the Marathon Chamber of Commerce. 

Great Reggae Band out of Miami, The Island 5

They got everyone up dancing

The Big ponytailed guy working the sound board is the Marathon mayor!

This was my Sweet reward

The 2013 Marathon Seafood Festival

While the Admiral was away in Texas banking some time with her parents I looked for things to do that were fun and cheap. I heard the Chamber of Commerce was looking for volunteers to work the Seafood Festival which at the time I had no clue but is the Biggest such event in all the Keys each year. I was asked to show up at 1200 hours on Saturday and find Tina, unfortunately she would not have a T-Shirt that all the volunteers get since she had just run out. I told her that would be just fine I just wanted to help out in any way. So when IO got there Tina was not easy to find but one volunteer told me they had her number at the front gate. I called her up and left a message. She called right back and gave me directions to the T-Shirt Booth, they needed help  selling the T-shirts. I hit the ground running, as there were already long lines waiting to buy T-Shirts, some kind volunteer quickly showed me the ropes and clued me in on the pricing of the several different types of t-shirts available. Once I started selling it did not stop. The long sleeve T-shirts were $20 or $35 for two, sometimes I sold three or 4 at a time. I was taking in $20-$70 per minute. I figure a conservative estimate of just the T-shirts I sold in my 2 hour shift was $2500 and it was probably more like $3500. there were 4 of us selling as fast as we could, I have never seen t-shirts sell like this. Evidently it is one of the yearly prized possessions in Marathon. I did not get to have one of these but Tina hooked my up with a Free Cap and that was even Better!
After my 2 hour volunteer stint I made my over to the food booths and saw that two of the booths had the longest lines. I chose the Conch Fritters since I had not had any since coming to Marathon....Yep they were very good. Then I found a empty seat in the shade and sat down to enjoy the Island 5, a reggae group out of Miami.  

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