Monday, March 4, 2013

Key West Marina Crawl

The last time I saw so Many House Barges was in Seattle on Lake Union but these are Key West Style at the City  Martina at Garrison Bight

Green is one of my favorite colors

The Key West Shuttle out of Fort Myers drops off right next to the  convenient Parking garage that is within walking distance to most of the Marinas in Key West. 

Conch Harbor Marina, pretty upscale.

I took advantage of the open gate.

Love it!

Fancy that! What a small World, Tom Benson is down from New Orleans on the Lady Gayle Marie!

Awseome Catch huh?

All this for just $80 per month!

High Season.

Several Tall ships in the neighborhood to go out on

The Western Union has a bit of History with Key West:

Lots of Tarpon hanging out in the Marinas.

It was Fat Tuesday and there was a cruise ship docked in Key West and several  were with us at the Schooner  Wharf Bar

Every local in the Keys owns a dog.

Michael McCloud has played every single day for over 22 years at the Schooner Wharf Bar, the most popular of the bars in the Marina/ Wharf District

You just can't leave out the Key West Chickens in any Blog!

A&B Marina

We just happened on the 4pm tarpon Feeding where a restaurant  tosses out their chum. 

I do not think One Tarpon got even one piece!

These boats are anchored just across the shipping channel from the marina's,  The Key West Mooring field is on the other side of the island behind them.....a Very long dingy ride in, over a mile for sure. 

Don't Worry Spidey is watching

Whoh, we were really surprised that the cruise ships pull right up to the docks at Mallory Square where everyone goes to see the Sunset!

This big Boy is docked right in Front of the Key West "W Hotel", bet  the sunset was a bummer for them!

Even the rats get into the show at Mallory Square.
Key West Marina Crawl

I wanted to return to Key West to see the Marina's. I have read so much about them that I had to go see for myself. The Admiral was not so excited so she had a few other things to do just in case it was not worthwhile. She wanted to know what I had read about it but it is hard to summarize things that you have read over the last 15 years so I just said " You will See".
I made a list of the marinas in the order they in geographically. The City Marina at Garrison Bight, Conch Harbor Marina, Key West Bight Marina, A&B Marina, Galleon Resort Marina. The City Marina was by far the most funky with all the House Barges similar to those on Lake Union in Seattle but Key West colors and style. Then we drove over to a parking garage within walking distance to all the others. We were surprised to see the Key West Express tat shuttles from Fort Myers docked right there.  Next was Conch Harbor, A very upscale marina where to our surprise Tom Benson's Lady Gayle Marie was docked. We first saw her in New Orleans. Then all the Marinas sort of run together and it is hard to tell where one ends and one begins with the Key West Bight Marina, A&B Marina and the Galleon Resort Marina. We toured the turtle museum where the history of the Key West Turtle trade is chronicled. 
The crazy dingy docks are right there next to the museum then the Schooner Wharf Bar. Absolutely have to stop ion here, the oysters were very good, not as great as I had in Apalachicola or New Orleans but Good and then there is Michael McCloud who after 22 years of playing in the very same spot every day of his life is a very good musician in spite of his chronic problems related to chain smoking. His Tune " Don't Buy a Boat" was hysterical but sadly true. 
The Admiral was pleasantly surprised with our day spent crawling the Marinas and Wharf District. We finished off our 2nd visit to Key West with a suggestion from some locals we met on our first trip on the bus to eat at El Siboney, it is a locals place a bit off the beaten path but easy to find: Try It!, Super Fine Cuban Food. 

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