Sunday, March 3, 2013

No Name Key

Fat Albert is a Short Timer the Program is being cut but the Keys are trying to save it. 

The Blue Hole was not to busy this day. 

Except for this slacker.

This guy was the busiest stand at the Flea Market, there was a line buying his rocks for $1.00!

Fresh Produce is always a plus on the boat. 

No wonder, they all hang out on No Name Key!

He was not surprised, he was looking for a handout. 

When a car drives by they all come out of the woods looking for free food. 

They we everywhere on No name Key!

Florida Bay side of No name Key. 

Sea Grapes

I thought it would be a neat little hike down this trail, the Admiral  decided not.

At first the trail is nice and wide.

Some kind of  little water canal built back in the day. 

The Coral rock that form all the keys is very porous. 

The trail narrowed for the last mile and you had to duck and weave.

He knew I did not have any food so he split.

Almost there, I bet is is beautiful at the end of the trail!

Nope, it just ends at the Mangroves, no way to get through.

Just can see the water 
No Name Key
We wanted to return to the national Key Deer refuge on Big Pine and No Name Key since we were only able to see just part of it using the Ankle Express. We drove first to the Big Blue Hole first to see it there were any interesting birds or other wildlife but it was pretty quite there. We then drove across big Pine Key to the Bridge to No Name Key. No Name Key has about 43 houses and No public electricity, water or sewer systems so all the homes here rely on solar and rain collection systems with big Cisterns. The Key Deer are everywhere on this island and I think to many people feed the deer even though you are not supposed to. They are not afraid of cars and many walk up to your car to see if they can get any goodies.
After you have seen 50 of these little guys then it is time for some other activity. I wanted to drive down a few of the roads on No Name Key to just check out how the people were living there with no Electricity or public water system. There were several nice homes on the island and they all had a lot of space to themselves.
Down one of the roads I spotted a sign about a trail and suggested we take the short trail and check it out. The Admiral was not impressed so she took pics of the Key Deer around us while I went hiking. I was hoping the trail led to the Florida Bay where there might be a really beautiful spot. The trail narrowed and I had to duck and weave through the trees and brush. I kept looking back to make sure I could find my way back out since it was starting to all look the same and there were a few  connecting trails that I could easily confuse as the way out. It just ended at the edge of the Mangroves lining the Florida Bay side and other than one Key Deer there was not much more to it than a bit of exercise.
We had seen it all now so I wanted to run over to the  Big Pine Key Flea Market one more time since it was Saturday and that is the Big Day there. I bought a rock from this little Kid and the Admiral got some fresh veggies. She thought it would be good to go back to No Name Key to the No Name Pub and have a snack. I should have gone?

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