Friday, August 8, 2014

The Bite of Seattle

At the Beer Garten there were several choices, so I checked Beeradvocate,com before choosing

One of my favorite all time movies, Back to the Future

We saw you could attend and vote on the chefs so we stopped in for a look

The Judges tasting, we did not stay long enough to vote.

Food everywhere, how are you going to sample all this?

They had full plates or samplers you could buy, but the sampler was just 1 item off the menu.

The Beer Garten's are always located near a stage, This ain't Texas. you always have to stay inside a designated area fenced off to drink beer. Funny how the smokers get to roam around.

Just when we were about to leave we found what we were looking for.

You buy a ticket and get a sample from several different Seattle restaurants.

So we bought 1 ticket and shared.

A chance for the local restaurant to show off and entice you visit their establishment. 

everything looks yummy.

Next time were going to look at the Festival map and go to the spot we wanted in the first place.

The Bite of Seattle

This Festival is sponsored by  Groupon which is pretty big here in Seattle. There are always lots of Groupons available all the time, not like this everywhere we have traveled. Some cities get into this kind of advertising and some do not. Whatever, all the festivals have food it is just at this one, that food is the main theme of the event. We should have found the festival map and located the specific area we were interested in. I went thinking the entire festival would be set up as a way to sample small bits of all the participants specialty. We walked through the main areas around Seattle Center passing a lot of food booths and they all had a Sampler sized dish for around $3.50 but it was not always the main item on their menu and how many of these would you buy? We found the chefs competition where they have to prepare a dish with certain ingredients in a limited amount of time. It was interesting but I guess we are not That interested in food so we didn't stay long enough to vote.
After looking around we decided to rest in the Beer Garten and listen to some on of the bands. Probably better to come later in the evening if you want to listen to music.
As we were strolling out the Admiral spotted "The Alley" tucked away on the North side of Key Arena, this is what we thought the entire event would be like. Now we got happy and enjoyed a totally different atmosphere with pleasant music, interesting and tasty taste in a relaxing setting. Glad we found it or we might have left with a little disappointment.

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