Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seafair 2014

Torchlight Parade. Getting ready.
 Maybe Director Darnesha will take tips from the Chinese Drill Team.

Drills teams and floats make a good indoor project for winter.

Celebrating volunteers and service work in the community.

Military is welcomed, honored and applauded.. 
Yep, the Utilities Dept. has an apple core for their mascot.

Hawaiian floral horses and conch shell blower almost stole the show from the Sea Gals, and Hawk fans.

Seafair Torchlight Parade 2014

While I was away in Texas the Admiral took pics for me as Seattle Seafair Fleet concludes  a month long festival with the Parade of Ships, Torchlight Parade, Seafair Cup Hydroplanes and, the Blue Angels. Seafair has a long history of tradition dating back at least 50 years with an  emphasis on service to the community. The visiting military are greeted in the streets and communities from the area come together for one weekend to celebrate. The Seafair Pirates also a service group are a parade favorite with their ruthless antics and very loud cannon which bellowed throughout downtown Seattle.

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