Thursday, August 28, 2014

July In Seattle

The Thursday Evening Downtown Race/Cruise Series

This Summer Series draws many to the water front  see:

Spectacular, see my video at

These recent additions add city sounds to the Seattle Art Museums Sculpture Gardens

Each of the Dr. Seuss looking headphones treat the listener to a different sound.

Just Completed the latest addition to the Wooden Boat Centers fleet of Indigenous craft

Wanna take this class

This vessel donated to the Center for wooden boats as part of their fund raising has obviously seen it's share of the Duck Dodge!

Early Saturday Morning Sailing Lessons, just waiting on my next two students.

But these guys are already off and racing!

They are taking a big portion of the South end of the lake, have to sail around them.

I walk by the TESLA dealer every time I go to the CWB, the doors were wide open so I finally went in to check them out.

Super Light Frame,

Fast Motor

Pretty Sporty

Maybe I could just buy the motor and install it in the Little Truck That Can?

Just Practicing for the big Event

Queen Annn East Park, Drew loves it and we go often.

At the back of the park they have this small field where they have a "Little Kickers" program for 3-5 yr olds, very cool using big blow up tubes to divide the space into 4 for the Little Kickers.

Piano's in the Park, this one is at Seattle Center

This one is at a park I walk through on my way to the CWB at Denny Way and Dexter

I video'd this guy and he was playing some beautiful neo-classical with a little bit of Biz Bop thrown in, but to my dismay I either deleted the video or lost it?

Plenty of opps to see the mountains out in July

The Friday Night Music Series starts at the Sculpture Garden.

Great Food Trucks

everyone finds their spot here

Always someone you have never heard before.

July In Seattle

June was great but Peak time in Seattle has to be July, fun and usually free stuff to do in every direction always outside to enjoy the best Summer weather anywhere Just as they had a very Mild winter for us, the Summer is one of the top three in the last 20 years. The Seattle natives are very happy about it and they love to talk about it.
Our Monthly summary blog post provides a place to post all those moments that did not fit in with the other blog topics, it also preserves a lot of memories for us that we want to keep in their place. We take a lot of pictures, almost every day. I am really glad we started this blog so that we would have a place to post the pics and share them with all of our readers. it is a great way to organize memories and life adventures. We hope they stimulate your own adventures. I encourage you to start your own blog not only as a free place to store all your pictures but as a great way to share with family, friends and even many you may never have the opportunity to meet around our planet. When I wanted to start blooging I was unsure how to even get stated but we had just a friend through the Bay Yacht Club in Corpus Christi, Tammy Swart. She had a blog and after reading hers I knew I wanted to get one going. She met me at the Bay Yacht Club's clubhouse and showed me how to post pics and other tricks on the rest is trial and error. What else are you going to do with all those pics anyway? This is way better than filling up lots of family albums with all those paper copies of photos. What happens to all those family albums when you fade away into the sunset? Your Blog will be here for all those Great, Great, Great grandkids you never got to meet.
And if you do start a blog, please leave a link to it in the comments!

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