Tuesday, August 5, 2014

4th Capri 22 Race

Scarcrow was our draw for my 4th Capri 22
Race, I was glad it wasn't Munchkin!

Eric was our skipper, he is employed by Windworks to Ramrod the Thursday night races so your lucky to crew with him since he has lots of Local Knowledge, and he likes to win.

Chris was our crew as well, you usually have three in the crew but not more than 4.I crewed once before with Chris and another Chris on Munchkin and we came in 4th (last) in all three races.

1st Race on the downwind run to the finish, We were well ahead at this point with one closing but we made the finish for first place.

Our second race, I am at the helm and we have to beat that vessel for first place.

But it is obvious at this point we crossed second.

Chris was at the helm for the 3rd race, we had a great start, the best of the evening.

You have to choose the inside to avoid the stronger opposing current or the Outside where there may be more wind. We chose the wind.

The Current was the better choice as we fell into third but closing on the two ahead.

So we placed a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd with awesome sunsets as we made our way to  the dock.

The Sea Dragon Standing guard.

A perfect finish with lively conversation and free Beer!

4th Capri 22 Race

I have had the opportunity to do a lot of racing either on our own vessel or crewing for others. In the three years I raced as crew on the 32' Chris Craft S/V Bartom back in the early 70's on Eagle Mountain Lake I learned a little about racing but not how to race. There was always the same crew of 4 and each of us had the same assignment for all three years so I learned how to trim a Jib.
Later when we bought our Catalina 250 Moon Chaser on Canyon Lake we really learned how to race as we made friends with a couple of the best racers on the lake and made them our mentors. The races with Hill Country Yacht Club were more fun than competitive, the real competitive races were at the "other Yacht Club on the Lake, LCYC. We even came in First in the Hill Country YC Fiesta Regatta beating out our Mentor Derrick Crawford on one race even though he started 5 minutes ahead since he raced in the more competitive class. We both crewed for friends on Corpus Bay for the Bay Yacht Club aboard a 47' Irwin Ketch, a 36' CS, and a 30' Cape Dorey. There is always something to learn from others but the skippers intent is not to teach you how to race more efficiently but to win the race s/he is sailing.
Windshare is all about raising everyone's level of skill, after all they are promoting sailing for the good of their business. The more successful everyone is the more successful their business is. Eric, the leader is perfect for the position of heading up their racing program. He is non-stop instructional and the format of the races lends to making sure all have equal opportunity to learn and be successful in their program. You do not know who you will crew with or which boat you will sail on till the straws are drawn. Even non-members can pay just $35.00 to join the fun for a great evening that is usually 3 races around the marks till the sun goes down. Where else could you get this for $35?
You earn individual points, after this night I have a total of 12 points but if you want your name on the trophy you better show up every Thursday and place well along the way.

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  1. We here at Windworks are going to miss you tons, please come and see us when you are back in town, I'll save a capri for you! lauri