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Seattle Sounders VS Portland Timbers July 13, 2014

Russell wanted to grab a sandwich before we got to the game, the first place we stopped was closed so we walked to Pikes Market then he remembered an old favorite down in Pioneer Square. Delicatus! http://www.delicatusseattle.com/
When you see a menu like this for the first time, it's like throw a dart cause it's all gonna taste great but I chose the Mudd Honey.
They were out of Turkey so they used Chicken in it's place....Fine with me!

How appropriate can this day get? Germany just won the World Cup!

The crowds were thick all the way to Century link field

The Band meets the fans pre-game here them here: http://youtu.be/5I7MT5Eb2EA

The Pre-Game Ceremonies get the crowd pumped, incredible atmosphere here, nothing like it anywhere else  in the MLS

The teams introduced and the Star Spangled Banner rings Loud

The Sounders Fan Zone extends throughout the stadium, those guys in the end zone are just the Super Hard Core.

Portland has brought their own Contingent, Loud but hard to overcome the Sounders Fan Base.

A shot on Goal and Saved by Portland.

This is from inside the suite looking out, anything you wanted to eat or drink, did enjoy the free beers!

2 floors of private Suites surrounding the Stadium.

Huge Jumbo Tron  just in case 

In his first match with the Seattle Sounders since arriving back from the 2014 World Cup, Clint Dempsey scored a wild goal in the 74th minute, which proved to be the game-winner in the Seattle Sounders’ 2-0 win over the Portland Timbers in front of 64,207 fans at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Seattle Sounders VS Portland Timbers July 13, 2014
http://www.soundersfc.com/  VS  http://www.timbers.com/

My daughter asked me if I wanted to go to the upcoming game between the Seattle Sounders and the Portland Timbers Sunday Evening. I said Hell Yeah!, Their next door neighbors had two tickets they would not be able to use that was given to them by their bank. And not only that we would be in a Private Suite, so she told Russell to get the tickets. Sunday was also the World Cup Championship between Germany and Argentina so I knew this whole city was already high on the entire World Cup and going to see a Favorite rival of the Sounders was definitely going to be the game of the year in Seattle since Clint Dempsey and DeAndre Yedlin would be playing fresh from their awesome world Cup performance with the US Mens Team.
It's a two mile walk from here to the stadium and Russell wanted to get a sandwich along the way so we left a bit early. The spot he planned on eating was closed so he suggested a place in Pikes Market which is on the way through the downtown area. He then remembered a better option down in Pioneer Square. All the restaurants and bars are hoppin in Pioneer Square especially on a game day since the Stadiums are right next door. We walked into Delicatus and it was packed so we were thinking we would have to get the sandwiches to go and just eat out on the street. As we were standing in line for the takeout orders, a couple just happened to be finishing up at the bar. "Luck: when opportunity meets preparedness" Well we were right behind them when they stood to leave the bar stools so we gladly took the opportunity.
Huge very tasty  food so would not need any more food for the night that's for sure.
This would be my second Sounders game VS the Timbers so I knew what to expect this time. We quickly found our suite and the last remaining seats out on the patio. The suite is right up from the corner flag on the Timbers defensive side the first half so we could easily see all the attacking action by the Sounders. The Second half I relied more on the huge Jumbo Tron to see the Sounders attacking on the other end.
It was a real thrill to see Dempsey score the first goal of the game late in the second half, what a way to appreciate this guys commitment to the game and the Mens National Team as well.
If you want to experience the Atmosphere of European or Latin American soccer in the U.S. then make sure to be in Seattle when the Sounders play the Portland Timbers.

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