Sunday, January 6, 2013

Marathon 2013 New Years

This a the Most Popular Roco's Dockside Lounge and Restaurant and Marina, our 2013 New Years spot

This is Randy Very entertaining on his Harp but it is just like Back ground music.

Then Dan Sullivan takes the Stage and he pretty darn Good, a little later Randy steps up with his electric violin and WOW! Randy is a virtuoso. amazing talent!

After New Years eve was the Polar Bear Plunge, a bunch of cruisers from the North East Tradition, many brought Ice cubes to toss in the water..

2013 and Still Cruising!

We spent New Years at Roco's and shared our table with a couple of cruisers from Michigan. This is their second Year to come to Marathon and sailed it down on a 31' Hunter. After that first summer they decided to just keep their boat here at a yard on the Hard. When they returned to their boat it was covered with brown stuff on the outside and mildew had taken over every bit of the interior. It took lots of cleaning and bleach to get their boat livable again. They will take their boat back to Michigan this year though so they can take car of her.
The first Musician of the night was Randy who plays a nice Harp, Music you would expect to hear in the Heavens after you die. Then Dan Sullivan followed and he is a mighty fine picker who is promoted as a "Human Juke Box" and I think he is, but then Randy came back on the Stage and this incredible Violinist emerges! Ever hear Jean Luc Ponty?  Anyway the combination of Randy with Dan Sullivan made for a very entertaining New Years Party. We decide to get back to the boat before Midnight so we could enjoy the fireworks from the boat. By 12:30 we were crashing. The next Morning the Admiral said we had to get to the dingy docks by 1000 hours since the Yankees were gonna do their annual tradition of the Polar
Bear Plunge. She tried to talk me into it but I was not interested, not 1 bit of that tradition resides in a Texans habits. It was still fun to watch but I do not think one of them thought it was cold even with the ice cubes thrown in.The good news is we will never have to worry about the Mayan end of the world ever again!

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