Friday, January 18, 2013

January 12th Boot Key Harbor Flag day

Here is a good Idea for displaying all your flags, spread them out on the Halyards.

The Motor Vessels got into it!

I think there is only one flag for the Canadians.

More Texans

More Texans and this couple bought this boat for $25K. It had no mast but they put it back into sailing shape. This vessel is more like the size of a ship.

And 1 color for the Canadians.

Wand'rin Star sporting our flag Collection all the way back from  1998. That Jamaican flag is from the Jamaican Me Crazy Race at HCYC on Canyon Lake.

Boot Key Harbor Flag Day

When we were in Corpus and members of Bay Yacht Club we had several opportunities to get all the flags out and fly them at the various sailing activities of BYC throughout the year. Cruising does not provide such opportunities UNLESS you create them. So I decided that there should be a Boot Key Harbor Flag Day and since the Upcoming Saturday was Jan.12th and several big activities were going on around the Harbor I  knew it would be a great day to promote a Boot Key Harbor Flag day. So Beginning on Monday prior I got on the Channel 68 Cruisers Net and announced " Saturday January 12th is Boot Key Harbor Flag Day, Show your Colors, your Nation, State, all the Burgees you have collected along the way.Show them All!"
Then each morning after I would remind everyone about flag Day on Saturday. There was some discussion that January 12th is Not (National) flag day. Of Course not But it is Boot Key Harbor Flag Day. The cruisers agreed that we could have a flag day any time we wanted so it was established. Out of the over Two Hundred boats in the Harbor I estimate 50-60 vessels participated. I was hoping for more but it did make the Harbor a very colorful place and perhaps those that live here may decide it was worth it and continue to have more spontaneous Flag Days. The pics above are vessels moored near us. The photo opp that I imagined might be created was not there but I had fun getting the flags out and giving them a good airing. We have to get a larger State of Texas  flag for sure and my Pirate flag grommets came out so I could not fly that one. I had Old glory, the Burgees from HCYC and BYC flying, our owners pennets from the mast head, the UT flag of course!

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