Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gilligan's Island

Gilligan's Island as seen from Sombrero Beech
Gilligan's Island AKA West Sister Rock

Bobby the Viking Leader heading down Sister Creek

Dingy East out of Sister Creek through the Channel, very shallow on either side.

Approaching Gilligan's Island

The Adventurous head out into the Pacific with 15-20 knot winds and   2-3 foot seas.

Little Sweet engine, don't fail me Now!

It Get's shallow so you have to get out and tow the dingy in the last 50 yards.

Land FallI

A great place to clean the dingy bottom, But Wait, The Tide has Gone out!

The Chart name for Gilligan's is West Sister Rock, It is a Huge Low lying Coral Rock that would be impossible to see at night.  

Viking Bobby and his girl Friend have adopted Gilligan's Island as their  community Project. They are restoring the vegitation at the highest point of the island where a bit of sand collects. 

This is the Garden

Here is our contribution, a succulent that the lady at the local Home Depot said would be perfect for  Gilligan's Island. 

OH My What is this?

Yep, you can just pick them right up, they will not harm you. 

Also, If you know how to do it you can pick up a Sea Urchin, ( I wouldn't but he did)  Never step on one, very painful!
Gilligan's Island

 This big Coral Rock just East of the Sister Creek channel Entrance to Boot Key Harbor has been named Gilligan's Island by the locals in Marathon. Bobby the Viking has adopted this mighty fine rock as his community project. Each week he announces on the Net that there will be a gathering on Saturday around noon at Gilligan's Island and to bring your grill, food, etc. and especially bring a plant for the island. We decided we wanted to contribute a plant so the Admiral checked out what was available at the local Home Depot Garden Center and the lady there suggested two or three different types of succulent that could survive the environment.the Admiral showed me what would they had and I choose the one with some color. It had little red blooms and I thought it should spruce up any rock!.
Most of Gilligan's Island is barren coral rock so it would be difficult to plant anything to close to the water but in the center, the highest point a fair amount of sand has collected since the last storm through here. So I enlisted Bobby's girl friend to help me pick out a spot to plant the little Gem. They were thrilled and she even went out to their Viking ship to get some water to make sure the little plant would get a good start. The Boot Key Harbor cruisers have a Facebook page and I noticed yesterday that someone posted a picture of the plant, it appears to have grown some and all the red blooms are still there!

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  1. very cool. Glad you left a nice plant or two and hope no trash! :)