Monday, July 6, 2015

Vancouver - Lost at Lost Lagoon

Stanley Park, a huge Peninsula surrounded by English Bay, Burrard Inlet and Coal Harbou

Just after getting off the bus we were greeted by lots of cool art.

I Guessing a '63 Rambler then Bayshore West Marina, the foot bridge goes to Deadman's Island and then on the bottom left the entrance to the Marina.

The Brockton Point Lighthouse

Our Hop ON- Hop Off trolley. 

Grouse Mountain in the center.

If we ever go on another Alaska cruise we would depart from Vancouver.

A great little fuel dock on its own island in the middle of Coal Harbour.

Vancouver's Container Port

Lions Gate Bridge

Rose Cole Yelton Memorial Pole

Lowden's Lookout on Prospect Point

North Vancouver

You can see the current rushing through Burrard Inlet

Very interesting watching this huge container ship navigate through Lions Gate
see the video:

You can almost always spot at least 1 25' McGregor in every marina. The only sailboat of that size that can get up on a plane using a 50 HP outboard!, then the 27' Ranger Tug (much more appropriate for these waters and a huge Seal all cruising through Lions Gate.

Looks they they had a safe voyage across the Pacific

Is she thinking what I'm thinking?

Off to find the Beavers

The Lake is shrinking due to all the Beaver activiity and it's all due to just 5 Obsessive Compulsive Beavers!

Well it is probably also due to other factors as well since a large part of the peninsula drains here and eventually out to Coal Harbor. 

But the Lilly blooms were pretty cool and the ducks were happy.

You can see the huge Beaver Dam in the foreground, they had to build the fenced grate on the right to prevent the beavers from completely blocking off the creek that drains to the bay.

More Beaver structures on the creek side.

Red Wing Black Bird

Our last stop at Stanley Park was the Lost Lagoon that at one time was accessible from the bay at high tide, but the inlet filled in and so now it is lost. 

I was confident that I knew where we were in the park, Just a short walk from here to our bus stop for rhe return trip to the hotel.

I Got Lost at Lost Lagoon and missed our Bus Stop, but Hey, we found English Bay!

A huge fleet of small sailboats having a Regatta around the anchored ships

Low tide left this swimming float high and almost dry

This is English Bay  Beach, and we saw the Second Beach we did not make it to Third Beach

Amazing Laughter in Morton Park see


Looking back toward Stanley Park along the Comex Greenway
another view from here:

Uhh-Ohh..I guess High tide turned the washed up catamaran into two monohulls!

I told the Admiral we should get down besides them and do a copycat thing....she didn't want to?

I think the tides here are greater than in the Seattle area.
We returned to Granville Island for a late Lunch
Then we stopped in Urban Fare for some things to take back to the hotel room. Some Interesting Canadian Food here.

The view from our window to the South and West with BC Place Stadium in the upper left.

Vancouver - Lost at Lost Lagoon

Completely recovered from the previous day we set out for Stanley Park, it is kind of like the Central Park of Vancouver, BC. The Admiral completed her research and we walked just a few short blocks to a bus stop to bet on the street level mass transit to the Peninsula. We got off the bus and just started walking toward the Aquarium for no apparent reason, I found out when we got to the Aquarium entrance that we would not be spending our time there so we went down the hill toward what appeared to be a marina. We stopped to stroll through a sidewalk Art show and talk to one of the local artist. A short stroll along the seawall brought us to a large group of Totem Poles at the Brockton Point Interpretive Center. We had a short picnic lunch here and then bought a couple of day tickets on the Hop On/Hop Off trolley that comes around about every 20 minutes from wherever you are. There are about 14 stops along the Trolley route and I think we did about 9 of them during our time there. I think the best way to do this park would be by bike since they have really nice divided hike and bike trails throughout the park. Surely there is a place nearby where you could rent a bike for the day. You can't do it all in a day so you have to kind of choose what your not going to do.
You get great views from what I gather is probably the largest of the Marinas in Vancouver, Bayshore West, and the Port of Vancouver in Coal Harbour. Checkout their great Moorage rates here: Then there is Lions Gate and the Burrard Inlet which will eventually lead you around to English Bay.
Our last stop was the Lost Lagoon. I figured that after we walked around the North shore then our bus stop would just be a short distance away and we would certainly be ready to sit down for a ride back to the hotel after being on our feet the whole day, but I got lost at the Lagoon and ended up walking all the way to English Bay. I told the Admiral No Problem, we can just retrace our steps and find our way back to the bus stop. We sat in the shade for a while and preferred spending that walk along English Bay and the beaches along the way. We would just find a place to have dinner and then find a way to the hotel. The wind was at our backs so we strolled leisurely along for a couple of miles and since we found ourselves just a short distance from the Aquabus we decided to just go back to the Market on Granville Island for dinner.
This worked out perfect for us since the ferry dock on the return to the Yaletown ferry dock on Davie Street allowed us to visit a upscale grocery store that our daughter told us we should see while we were in Vancouver. One of the things I do not understand about BC is why do they NOT sell beer and wine in their grocery stores? NO Problem there was a Liquor store right next door to our hotel it seems on our way back to the Heavenly Bed.

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