Thursday, July 2, 2015

B.A.P. Villavisencio

We were walking by Bell Harbor on our way with Drew to the Seattle Aquarium and this sweet Woody Chris Craft was not the only cool vessel moored here.

This Huge Peruvian Navy ship was also there.The Admiral told me to go see iof I could get on and take a tour and they would meet me later at the Aquarium. Well I went to the gate but it looked like a long wait with lots of school kids so I did not hang around.

But I did do a short tour of the water front to see haw the construction of the new seawall was going and it appears they have got a lot accomplished since there has been almost no rain in June.

The sidewalk on the West side is no longer there so you have to walk on the other side of the Hwy 99 bridge.

They are still freezing the soil though to prevent seawater from seeping through.

Lots of drilling still going on.

Not sure if Hwy 99 overpass has sunk anymore?

I see this vessel often both here and over in Poulsbo where I think the home port is.

I never knew Peru even had a need for a Missile Class Frigate.

Hard to tell but the tide is up and this gangplank is really steep!

Our Tour guide does not like boats, he wants to transfer to the Peruvian special forces and plans to try and make the team that trains with the US Navy Seals in San Diego some day.

I also did no know Peru had to defend against enemy subs!
2 ILAS-3 triple torpedo tubes

Every detail on this ship is clean and shining.

OTO Melara 127mm/54 gun

More Missiles?
1 Albatros octuple launcher for AspideSAM

They are not carrying any helicopters in the bay. They are using the Bay and the aft deck for Huge Parties thrown for the dignitaries along the way. Think Pisco Sour.

I had to ask someone on Shore what flag this was.

OTO Melara Twin 40L70 DARDOcompact gun

I dont think you would even know that was bronze on a American ship, they would have just painted it gray.

Any metal that could be polished was, the rest painted.

See the Shin?

More missiles in there

Her English was not on but she was!

A pretty knew Nonsuch. Never really understood the big banana bow boom thing. 

The more I see this vessel the more I like it!

B.A.P. Villavisencio

The Villavisencio is a Carvajal-class frigate built by an Italian Ship Yard. I had no clue any South American Country would need this kind of capability to defend their country. The ship is on a Navigation training mission from Lima Peru and had stop overs in San Diego, San Francisco, Vancouver and ending in Seattle.
I can tell you they are extremely proud of their ship and every detail was shining. I do not think I have boarded any Canadian or American Navy vessel that was completely spit shined. No rust, no faded paint, no crusty bronze, immaculately maintained. Here is a great video on youtube when she was in San Diego
I did learn that the National Drink of Peru is a Pisco Sour You can see how to make one here, The Ensign warned me though of the morning after if you enjoy to many!

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