Friday, July 17, 2015

June 2015 in Seattle

We saw this on the Ear Shot Jazz bulletin and decided to volunteer, we had no idea these guys would Blow us Away.
The powerhouse elder statesman of European free-jazz reprises his collaboration with two masters of America’s Black avant-garde: bassist William Parker and drummer Hamid Drake. Br√∂tzmann first came together with Parker and Drake through the Die Like A Dog Quartet in the mid-1990s. Since then the three musicians have performed in a variety of ensembles and collaborations, releasing an album as a trio in 2003, Never Too Late, But Always Too Early.
Several of their tunes on youtube, see:

The Prohibition exhibit is was at MOHI, so while the Admiral and Drew were enjoying Black Bart I did the Prohibition Tour, Learned a lot they did not tell us about in school.

Everything is blooming at MOHI

The Model Boat Pond was pretty Busy

First time to see a Blue Herring at Lake Union

Drew really liked the African Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum

And most of all Mmaajuju

Second Best was the Eagle Man

Enjoying the Sculpture Garden, these look like big ships gliding by on Elliot Bay

You Have to stay for Sunset!

The Duck Dodge starts off with huge numbers of vessels participating.

This is my favorite building of them all. I think it is Amazon's New Headquarters Building. Anyway Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon was instrumental in the planning stages and this building went up in record time due to Amazon like efficiency in the building process. He had two construction  cranes and two elevators instead of just one. This buildings exterior was completed in one years time and most of the same size I have been observing have taken two years.

The Industrial yellow colors are always present to a greater or less degree on all the buildings going up now.

You can see the contractors details at
I just noticed Amazon employees are just now starting to move in.

Get Ready to Rumble!

This Iconic condo building at one end of Century Link Stadium must be some place to live. Those with the South view can sit in their favorite chair and watch all the Sounders and Seahawks game in their own private box.
We heard the Mama's Mexican Kitchen was about to close so we wanted to be sure and eat in Seattle's Oldest Mexican restaurant.

We have been going to Century Link to see the Sounders a few times. It is a uphill walk straight south down 1st Avenue to this point where the elevation is 243 meters, then it is downhill all the way to Century Link Stadium. Then just the reverse on the walk hoime.

Small Wooden vessels start arriving for the July 4th Wooden Boat Festival at The Center for Wooden Boats.

Pretty normal event out our window as the cruise ship season to Alaska is in full swing.

Our story begins in 1991 when the Center of the Universe was discovered in Fremont. Immediately, members of the Fremont Business Association recognized the need for a suitably unique landmark monument. Many ideas were considered, but the answer came on a live morning newscast reporting the dismantling of the circa 1950 cold war rocket fuselage attached to AJ’s Surplus in Bell town. The word went out and within minutes FBA officials were at the site to acquire the Rocket. Now, instead of heading to the scrap yard, the Rocket was on its way to Fremont and into urban mythology.

At 9 am on June 3rd, the Rocket made a perfect five minute sub-orbital flight from the Fremont rocket works, touching down at the Center of the Universe. The Rocket bears the Fremont crest and motto, “De Libertas Quirkas”-which means “Freedom to be Peculiar.” Neon laser pods have been installed on each fin and on the nose. And in launch mode steam vapor emanates from the Rocket base. The vision is to turn the 53′ high monument into Fremont’s own FM radio station sometime in the near future. see

A tribute to Ray Charles with Ellis Hall

Ellis Hall signing autographs, he is a mix of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder combined!
June 2015 in Seattle

Well they say it this may be the Strongest El Nino ever? Whatever it is has produced the warmest June ever in Seattle.

June doesn’t just break, but destroys several Seattle temperature records


We are dealing with it by buying an extra fan, No AC in this built in 2001 high rise condo building. When you get 90 degree weather in Seattle the Natives get grouchy. But we beat it by just finding fun stuff to do and get home after the sun goes down and the air starts to cool down. We can leave the back patio door open and put a fan by it to draw in the cooler evening air and I think we only sweated a couple of times trying to sleep at night. A lot like living on a boat!

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  1. This is by far one of the best places to hang with friends, have great drinks (amazing beer selection), eat some great food, including the great lunch I had there. Prices at New York venues are very reasonable and the pizza was awesome.