Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Seattle Sounders VS FC Dallas 3-0 June 13 2015

Arriving at the Stadium with the Seattle Sounder Supporters:

Sound Wave is The Band and

Our Seats are Front row near Midfield just behind the FC Dallas Bench. We were surprised the plexiglass structures that normally surround the benches had been removed. Not Fun to be on a bench exposed to a stadium full of Sounder Supporters!

Starting Line up.

0-0 at halftime and FC Dallas seemed to dominate the 1st half.

The FC Dallas coach and Bench had to here a lot of trash talking directed mainly at the coach, it never got NASTY but it was still a constant stream of comments making fun at the FC Dallas performance. 

Almost Scored!

Obafemi Martins just subbed in

Here is Dempsey in the center.

Just before this shot was taken, a Dallas player was called for a hand ball near midfield. A fella next to me asked the coach if he could borrow the player for his Wednesday night volleyball match!

Sitting up front of all These Sounders Fans is Super High Energy, notice the age of those near us, mostly Thirty somethings and CRAZY!

Leo Gonzalez finally scores the first and game winner goal for the Sounders

Obafemi Martins scores the second and third goal. Can't believe the Admiral caught his first goal on video!

This is Normal attendance but regularly spikes in the 60,000+ for rival and big games. When the Sounder are on the road the game attendance in 2015 varies between 16,000 and 27000. The Sounders have been setting records for both game attendance and TV. I can tell you every bar from Bell Town to Pioneer square is full to capacity on game days.

Seattle Sounders VS FC Dallas 3-0 June 13 2015

Our daughter got us front row tickets to the Sounders VS FC Dallas game at Century Link field. We knew this would be a great game to attend since back in March they had a 0-0 tie in Dallas. Also all the kings men were on the roster for this game including Texan Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins who are both forwards and together are responsible for the most goals in the MLS. Going to a Sounders game is as close to a European experience as you can get in the US since the Fan base is incredible here. We live close enough to walk, just a couple of miles from the stadium straight down 1st avenue. As we neared the Stadium I noticed Occidental Square where all the Sounder Supporters congregate before each game and march to the CenturyLink Stadium just a few blocks away. I told the Admiral we needed to go over there and see what was happening. We got there just as they began the March to the Stadium so we managed to get in the mix near the front of the group. Here is the first part: . Talk about getting PSYCHED UP!
As we passed the Sound Wave, The Sounders volunteer band, we detached and hung out with them for a few warm up tunes. There may be a few other supporter organizations like as the Sounders, but none with the level of participation as in Seattle. I'm guessing the Portland Timbers may rank 2nd since the rivalry between the two sides is so strong.
Our seats were front row, midfield right behind the FC Dallas Bench. Throughout the game there was constant trash talking from the Sounder Supporters directed at the FC Dallas Bench and mainly their coach. It was not nasty but more witty type of trash talking. However there was this one young lady about two rows back that screamed out F@$Y#@! to the ref every time he made a call against the Sounders. You just had to laugh because it was just funny. When you sit in the higher elevations of the stadium you do not hear all this going on. If I was a coach of an opposing team visiting CenturyLink field I would insist that the plexiglass covers were standing over the benches.
The Game appeared to  be in FC Dallas's hand the first half then as the teams came out at half time I just felt we were about to see a shift and I told the Admiral and those seated around us "the Sounders are getting ready to put this game away" the second half., and they did 3-0.

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