Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sail to Kingston

My Buddy David sailing with me again to Kingston, this is what he does, he is so interested in the wildlife and is constantly looking for that opportunity to spot anything, especially an Orca.
The Port of  Kingston Marina in Appletree Cove

All secure in a transient slip that is free for two hours, long enough to have a casual lunch in Kingston

Checking Port Kingston off the lisrt.

David chose Lunch spot and Bought the Beer! Thank you David!

Just one more old wooden chris Craft someone has lovingly poured in the &&&& and restored. 

That's the South end of Whidby Island in the distance taken on our return trip

That is Point Wells in the distance, due East of Port Kingston. I wanted to sail over there anyway to check out what I believe to be a fuel Depot where I think the fuel barges that service all the ships in the Port of Seattle come to load up on fuel

They look a lot bigger in a Capri 22.

Yes, it is a fuel depot and one of the Seattle ports fuel Barges is there now loading up.

Just sail in a bit closer to check it out for fun.

Whoah...he's coming out of there gotts get out of the way.

Sail to Kingston 

After sailing into Port Madison at least three times I wanted to go somewhere different. I called up David and asked him if he wanted to sail to Kingston. It just happened to be on my birthday so I was looking for something special. He agreed to go and with a bit of luck we had nice 8-10 mph South winds that would blow us straight across the sound North to Port Kingston on a nice ebb tide. In these waters if your first destination is either North or South then you will pay for it a bit on the return trip either due to winds, tides or both. FYI, Ebb tides always run North and Flood tides run South in all parts of Puget Sound South of the Straight of Juan De Fuca.
 We saw some seals and sealions on the way over and just a easy phone call to the marina got us a free slip for two hours so we could find a nice spot for lunch. David had been here before so he led the way. Just a short walk up to the Main Street Ale House and we had a table on the back deck complete with a umbrella for a sunny day and a nice view of Appletree cove.
A great lunch with some fine PNW beer and David said one more? Mighty fine. We departed Appletree cove on a beam reach across the sound to go see if I was right about a fuel depot due East where the Port of Settle fuel Barges fill up to service all the ships visiting the port. These two barges and the tugs that push them are the busiest vessels in the port, I see them constantly going and coming fueling up the ships including all the cruise ships that come in which happens about 9 times per week.
As we neared the fuel depot we could see one of the barges there loading up and as we attempted to sail in close he started pulling out away from the dock. Glad they are slow giving us plenty of time to get out of the way. The winds fell to just 1-2 so we started the little outboard and motored happily into the wind past Richmond Beach, Spring Beach, and finally Meadow Point to Shillshole.

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