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Full Circle: Seattle Hemp Fest, Brazil Fest, Tibet Fest and More

When we arrived here in Seattle in August 201 HempFest was one of the first Festivals we went to, it is a different day now.

There were so many in line to get in on Friday that we thought we might just go to a nearby pedestrian bridge and just take a few pics. There was no line on the first day last year, at least not one you had to wait in.

We decided to go on in and check out something that was not at last years, a Smokers Lounge which was a fenced off area for only 21 and older. 

A booth inside the lounge had a computer set up to show you all the locations where you can buy Legal POT 


Even the 12 represent.

A rare sight here

Every August day ended something like this.

Heck I don't even like Needles!, passed this one by.

I once considered a TP back in the 70's, you could buy the real thing from Whole Earth Provision Co. in Austin.

Supposed to be cool inside even on a hot day.

The Admirals' Great Great Grandmother was Full Blooded Missouri Indian

For more Culture see:

When the sun dissolves below the Horizon you get these awesome pastel colors.

BrasilFest Groupo Filadelfia

David Locke

Combo Choro from Port Townsend:

When in Brasil

Eat like a Brazilian

Dance like a Brazilian

Tudo Beleza

see a brief clip at:

Let's all go to Rio for Carnival 2015:

Tibet Fest

Tibet Fest

We dropped off our daughter to do some shopping and we went looking for the Arboretum but we found this cool spot instead 

Big D is ready for anything!

A great little corner park on the Lake Washington Ship Canal, this is looking East into Union Bay, the south end of Lake Washington

Looking West towards Portage Bay, this part of the Canal is called the Montlake Cut

This little anchorage on the right is used mainly for the fans tailgating by boat for The University of  Washington Husky Football

These docks just across the canal is owned by the University of Washington and on Football days it is a dingy dock for all those attending the game by boat.

The Montlake Bridge

I guess the bridge tender works here.

I zoomed in under the bridge to Portage Bay and discovered more Boat Houses.

When I took this shot of the sailboat going under the bridge I could not believe what I was seeing at first.

Great, just keep your private Seaplane behind your house on Portage Bay, cruise down the Montlake Cut to fly out of Lake Washington! Check this out:

Guessing this is a old restored Chris Craft, lots of these Woodies in the PNW

These guys stay busy for sure.

Red Neck Yacht Club

Standing Room Only

Love these little Tugs!

The first Tollycraft I have ever seen! I think it is a 70's model Royal 30' see

August was full of great sunsets. A few times we walked down to the Seattle Art Museums Sculpture Gardens that has excellent views of Elliot Bay, Puget Sound and the Olympics. The Sun sets over the Olympics and you get some fantastic colors. On this day the Armature photographers were lined up.

Full Circle: Seattle Hemp Fest, Brazil Fest, Tibet Fest and More

We were walking through Seattle Center and I saw the poster for the upcoming Tibet Festival, I thought, Wow, we have come Full circle here since the Tibet Festival was the first one we attended in August 201 when we arrived here. Our Daughter has successfully negotiated a 6 month extension on our Grandparent contract so instead of departing Seattle at the end of September as planned we will continue our daily Grand Parent time through March of 2015. We are hoping for another one of those Mild Seattle winter's like last year.
Then all of a sudden there was a huge line leading into the park on the waterfront and we realized that the Hemp Fest was upon us, one look out the window and we knew this one would be different from last year as the lines wrapped around the block waiting to get in and this was on the first day very early in the day. It was not near like this last year, but thinga have changed, recreational use of Pot is now Legal. We debated about going and decided we might just go to a pedestrian bridge above the park and take a few pics and stay out of the fray. I noticed a fenced off area and people were checking ID's of those entering, I told the Admiral lets just go in and walk around a bit. tuens out the fenced in area was a "Smoking Lounge" You had to be 21 to get in. There were lots of people minors and adults just outside the fence smoking all the pot they desired. Not sure the purpose of this Smoking Lounge other than to give the appearance that things were legit? We made our visit brief and exited the way we came since it was already getting crowded and smokey.
We then walked on up to the Seattle Center to check out the Indigenous Fest. I think the Admiral found her Drum Beat as they invited anyone who wanted to to come on stage and participate in the ceremonial dances. She liked it so much she came and got Big Drew and took him on stage to enjoy the dancing as well. He's got rhythm!
The BrasilFest was next, we did not go last year, and I was looking forward but our daughter warned not to bring up the World Cup to anyone! It was interesting but it was kind of low key, that is until the Tudo Beleza showed up on stage and the Carnival started., maybe someday? Just have to do the Route Plan to sail Wand'rin Star to Rio De Janeiro. 
An unexpected surprise was the Washington Ship Canal Waterside Trail. After being here a year no one ever suggested this to us and we ask a lot of questions and the Admiral is constantly looking for things to do in the area. This is a perfect spot to just watch all the various vessels that ply the inland waters around Seattle up close. They all pass just yards from this observation point as they transit the Montlake Cut which connects Elliot Bay, Puget Sound, Lake Union, and Portage Bay, via the Washington Ship Canal to Lake Washington. I was totally surprised to see a Seaplane use the canal to enter Union Bay and taxi out to find enough water to take off to the Wild Blue Yonder.

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