Thursday, September 18, 2014

August in Seattle

Not sure if someone bought this for recreational use or it's the fishermans family just out for a August cruise on the lake?

My best Picture Ever! I was just walking along the docks at The Center for Wooden Boats and two little girls were running along the dock pointing at the water and Here I got my best photo of a River Otter.

It;s Just Lake Union

Flying a Jamaican Flag, well Mary Jane is now Legal in Washington so I guess...

Just a few trucks hauling in Lady GaGa to the Key Arean

Queen Ann Park East has been a Jewel

This is where curiosity could kill the cat, turns out this vessel was docked st south Lake Union selling some type of time Shares.

If you want to get there alive go in a Seaplane.

Alicia and Dave visit Seattle and we have a great time with them!

Carolyn, Alicia and Dave at the Edgewater with us for Happy Hour, if you are ever in Seattle this is one Happy Hour you do not want to miss:

I think the Admiral wants to be on that boat.

A place for creative potographers.

Thank you Alicia!

The Admiral wanted to sail on Duck Dodge night, my first time to sail a Lightening, loved it.

It was Toga Night for the Duck Dodge.

Duck Dodge, sorry I did not work harder to find a crew spot.

August is always time for Grillen

The Last of the Summer Series of free concerts at the Mural.

Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires

I know everyone wished there was one more week of concerts. This Summer has been one of the best on record.

No mattter where you buy a beer to drink in Seattle you have to stay in a confined area to drink it. There is always a double fence creating a Mote around the beer garden at outdoor events. You Never see anyone outside the fence drinking alcohol. Ain't Happin in Texas for sure  

Beer Fest, I thought about going but everyday is a beer fest in the Pacific Northwest.

Catch the sunset wherever you are.

The Amy's Ice Cream of Seattle

Lots of food trucks in Seattle

It was Beattles week In Seattle

4  Local Seattle groups played about 3 Beatle songs each, these are the Nowhere Men

The Synergia Northwest Sgt pepper Band 

The big Encore with everyone All You need is Love

Walking home from the Beattles Celebration we stopped to watch part of the Saturday evening movie at the Mural. Lots od Trekkies!

Finally made the Ballard Farmers Market but it was more Crafts and prepared foods.

Takes up about 3 blocks of N 34th Street

The Mexican Navies Officer Training Vessel

She anchored for a couple of nights at the North end of Elliot Bay for a couple of nights before being escorted to the waterfront dock at Bell Harbor.

The ARM CuauhtĂ©moc escorted to the Bell Harbor Dock:

Only seen this in books till now.

ARM Cuauhtémoc Sailing into Seattle August 2014

Hope she is still there when we get back from our Olympic Peninsula Road trip.

I unfortunately missed the opportunity to tour the vessel but I got this pic from the Bainbridge Ferry on our way back from the Rain Forest. I found this blog that had some great photos though:

This is a NYK Automobile Transporter, they always go to Tacoma and never stop at the Seattle Port, See several coming and going weekly, wonder how many cars fit on that ship? Well check this out:

Record construction going on in Seattle, I can see 17 different construction cranes just on my 25 minute walk to the Center for Wooden Boats. Some of those that were just started when we came to Seattle a year ago are now in their finishing stages and people are about to move in. Wonder what it will be like when all these new high rise buildings are full of street level business and the condos above them are full. Seattle is expanding bike lanes and restricting cars more and more every day. The mass transit is behind the curve.

This Steel construction one going up much faster than the all concrete versions

Finally some activity on this cool vessel, it has been sitting here for almost a year

These guys are getting it rigged to sail today.

Unfortunately the little Westerbeke is not running.

No matter these guys can sail the boat in and out of tight spaces.

They think they have a buyer for it, hope so.

Finally got to sail a lightening, these are very fun to sail!

August in Seattle

The Vibe in Seattle really hums in August as it seems everyone is trying to get their vacation in before school starts again. Lots of tourist everywhere and all the venues are crowded but it creates a  lot of energy and buzz on the streets. The weather is on pace to set a new record for the most days 80 degrees or above. In fact as of today if there are just 2 more Seattle will set an all time record and Saturday is forecast to be 85 for the Seahawks game. One evening when walking home from teaching sailing on busy Lake Union I just noticed an hyped up presence on the streets. Everyone just seemed to be very happy and energized. I always walk through a small triangle of resturants at 4th Avenue and Denny Way called 5 Points and their was a huge crowd standing around the entrance to the 5 points cafe all celebrating some event. There were people standing on the outdoor tables giving congratulatory speeches thinking everyone for the fine work they did but I had no idea what they had achieved. But they were all mighty happy about it. Then a few blocks further at the intersection of Cedar and 2nd Avenue there is a small plaza that is never used for anything but there was a group of street musicians gathered doing there thing, Several types of young artist making the best of a moment to get to perform their music;  a little video When I got home I heard on the news that a local referendum passed by a slim margin to expand the Parks department in Seattle, I guess that was what they were celebrating at 5 points!
I worked for the Non-profit Arc of the Capital Area for one year before taking off on our sailboat. I have kept up with several of the dynamic people I worked with there through Facebook. Alicia Barron posted she was coming on a trip to Seattle with her new Husband Dave so I told her I would take them sailing, and I did did. Dave, a PGA Master came to play golf so I took Alicia and her Mother Carolyn for a two hour tour of Lake Union on a 20' Blanchard, then we all met at the Edgewaters Bar for a great Happy Hour. Alicia and Carolyn are both planners for their respective employers planning events etc. so they know how to get the best out of any trip.
As summer will end like a light switch in Seattle we are looking forward to fall and hope our last winter in Seattle will be as mild as the first one.

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