Friday, July 18, 2014

June in Seattle

The Tuesday Night Duck Dodge Races start up on Lake Union, it is more like a huge Sailing Party.

Two of my adult students, Eric and Erin, learning to single hand dock under sail, well their are no motors on these vessels!

Stayed all June but left in July

Momma Canadian Geese guarding the young

Flora everywhere in the PNW 
Sure wish I could sail my favorite of the vessels at  the Center for Wooden Boats, this flagship greets everyone.

R11 Pirate

Outboards sell at a premium up here, and there are lots of really old ones still running and they are not cheap either!

This one is still for sell but they sold lots of their donated inventory at the July 4th weekend Wooden boat festival.

Take your choice they are all Bristol

Drew loves the Seals and the Ottors at the Seattle Aquarium

Low tide about 12'

The Adventuras was giving out free rides

Finally got My daughter and her Husband out for a day sail , We sailed across Puget Sound to Hidden Cove on Bainbridge Island.

Always surprised when I see a Florida boat here.

See what I mean about low tide, always the lowest with the full moon, A great way to clean you bottom every month!

The Meadow Point Green Can that is our race mark for the Thursday night Capri 22 races , I got 6 points last night so I amup to 9 now.

Yikes, Well when the Admiral and I  got back in from a day sail the tide was up and the boat was off the breakwater.

How about a Briggs and Stratton engine for your boat?


Perfect for Lake Union 

I want to take this class!

Orcas reminded us of the very small planet we all share

This is the North view of Eastsound with Sucia Island in the back ground from Lia' and Russels Orca's property where they hope to build a summer home.

To the West you can see the Wasp Islands and San Juan Island in the background.

We were invited to the Neighbors of Lia and Russells' who have lived on Orcas several years and the 94 year old father who lives with them water paints and graciously gave us two of his works of the East Sound

My kinda of water colors!

June was filled with great Sunset, this one must have been a Thursday.

June in Seattle

Well when the sun is out the pace picks up, we have been  busy just choosing among all the things available to do in this region that seems to really celebrate life when the Sun is out. June had almost no rain and lots of days in the 60-70's. Still needed a light jacket if you were out on the water or morning hours. Even though the official Day of summer is the Summer Solstice, the Greater boating season officially starts July 4th up here. Not sure why since all the cruise ships start up June 1 and Seattle is full of 6 full ships of tourist every few days as they empty 3 ships and then fill them up again the same day, that's like 6K-10,000 people coming and going every 3-4 days. Along with that is the Seafair calender I always thought Seafair was like a 1 week summer event but the June Seafair events really begin to fill the calender so you hear more about Seafair. It is actually a year long thing that has more or less events every month, its just that the summer calender fills up with some really major event June- August. There are all kind of events but the big ones are Marine and water related.
We have been here long enough now to understand this region takes on a new persona with each season. Just as the Season changes so do the lives of these people. You go from extremely long winter nights with 15 hours of dark and 8 hours of light often strained through fog and mist to 15 hours of sunny weather and just 8 hours of dark. We filled those long winter nights by volunteering at the symphony giving us a nice indoor environment but now forget that, we enjoy being outside for all the other stuff to do up here. I am sure the natives up here do not even think about it just as we never really thought about our two season life in Texas but this is so different to us it definitely has you examining the differences.

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