Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 Summer Solstice Rosario Resort Orcas Island

We heard Rosario had closed but the Resort had changed to new Ownership and everything was almost as we remembered.

Robert  Moran devoted all his efforts to his shipbuilding business and, in 1904, climaxed his career with his shipyard's launch of the USS NebraskaWashington State's only battleship. He was told in 1905 that he had one year to live, and retreated to Orcas Island in Puget Sound's San Juans, where he built the Moran Mansion—surrounded at that time by 7,800 acres

This figure head is a little to big for Wand'rin Star

The figure Head is from the clipper ship America built in 1874 and later ended up in the trades in the San Juan Islands.

This Uncommon bird is a Pigeon Guillemot

Hey, check that out!

Early Robin Gets it.

The Rosario Marina is located on Cascade Bay halfway up East Sound's eastern shore on Orcas Island. 

The Family Cruiser

Sea Plane from Seattle dropping off.

Could have been Cat Balue?

Easy off Easy on

Great way to recycle your old Hobie

The last time we were here there were starfish all over the place, today we counted two.

Marina or Morring ball?

The Ferry passes by the South entrance to East Sound

Would you live here?
and the White crowned Sparrow said "Yes but don't tell anyone I'm here"

Click it:  http://youtu.be/dI_yBIvoRmo
We walked around back to find these green spaces behind the resort that we had not discovered before.

Another great Sunset viewing spot.

2014 Summer Solstice Rosario Resort Orcas Island

We wanted to return to Rosario Resort since we had such a great time here at their marina years ago. We had heard that it had closed and might not be reopened but we were pleasantly surprised to find it open under new ownership. Rosario is located on the East Shore about midway into the Sound.  It's the kind of place to spend a day even if you are not staying there. The only thing we did not see this time were the numerous starfish on the rocks around the marina and the tiny deer that would come out and eat from your hands. It was not full cruisers season yet so the marina was not completely full but there was a bit of activity going on anyway. The Seaplane from Seattle landed, dropped off a couple and picked up a few for the return trip.
Big "D" enjoyed the late morning there taking it all in. We explained to him that this is where it all started for him since this is where his parents decided to make Orcas the place where they would be married. You can just see all those neurons firing on all cylinders as he is constantly constructing the world about. After a fun morning with Drew the Admiral and I  returned later that evening with a picnic dinner and found a quite spot to enjoy this part of East Sound.

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