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2014 Summer Solstice East Sound Orcas Island

Getting on the ferry at Anacortes the Admiral got this shot of a Mother Cormorant nesting

Lots of small marinas dot the San Juans like this one at Lopez Island, a ferry stop.

Eastsounds Suites are perfect for a large family get together located above the two shops on the bottom floor, We took both sides accommodating 3 families, 6 adults and two children  just right.

We have been to Paradise several times but this is Heavenly.

Everywhere that has not been cleared for the local farms dotted around Orcas Island is Thick forest

Several Mooring balls are available on the East side of the sound.

Not sure what this gull is eating, Octopus?

We walked a short distance to check out this grassy area park at the North west corner of the Sound

As we were walking we spotted what we thought might be a Sea Otter, we hollered at Russell and George below and they confirmed it.

Click on this pic then zoom in, It is s Sea Otter!

The admiral enjoying another rocky beach at low tide.

These islands were formed by glaciers a long time ago exposing the rock as they receded, that's why you have to do your homework before sailing through here. 

I was hoping to get a pic of this clam in the tide pool wide open but my presence shut his mouth!

The other danger sailing the sound, they can be floating vertically in the water or even horizontally but 2-3 feet below the surface.

Russell pointed out this lone tree that makes it easy to identify their property on the west side of East Sound.

Gotta go check out the small dock.

A free dock provided by the county to help you come ashore and buy something.

Just enter this shady lane to the dock.

The tides make the ramps go up and Down.

Looking at the North shore and Eastsound the little town. 

Every Community needs a meeting place and a Dance Hall.

Our daughter led us here now we can find it on our own!

My Happy hour spot.

2014 Summer Solstice East Sound Orcas Island

There are all kind of Planners in the world like wedding planners, family planning, trip planners, education planners and on and on. Little did we know that our daughter became the Complete Planner when we were not looking. She plans everything. So she planned for all of us + Drews' Uncle, Aunt, and cousin to all go to Orcas Island for 5 days over the summer solstice weekend. 

She booked the Eastsound Suites which worked out to be perfect for our kind of trip with two families + 1 set of grandparents. the 2.5 hour drive to Anacortes from Seattle goes by pretty quick and we managed to get on the Ferry right away without a wait.The Ferry ride through the San Juan Islands to Orcas is always a great trip and promises a different experience each time.This would be our 5th time to visit Orcas so we were excited to have a great weather forecast and a chance to have several days to visit some of our favorite spots and do some new stuff. Orcas is a Saddlebag shaped Island and very hilly and has the highest Mountain in the San Juans in Moran State Park with Mount Constitution. See Our choice for lodging is due primarily do to the Summer Solstice Parade is held in East Sound so our planner wanted us to be within walking distance o enjoy a ful day of Summer Solstice party there.
The East Sound is a huge body of water and has it's own micro weather system. We first came to the East Sound by way of a 42' Tayana that we charted to sail the San Juans. We enjoyed the marina at Rosario Resort a couple of days so we looked forward to having 4 nights to enjoy the North end of the Sound.
I had to divide up this post since there was just to much to put into one as our Planner kept us busy with fun activities.If you come to Orcas it does not matter where you sleep, everywhere on this island is a piece of Heaven.

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