Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 Summer Solstice Parade Orcas Island

While waiting for the Farmers Market Orcas style to open we took the time to Vote. We voted for the Cat, We think it is Time!

Since the Market opened at 10am we were looking for a Taco breakfast and the Aqua Sandia went perfect with it see:

We split this since we knew we would be trying a lot more.

The Solstice Parade starts

What a incredible mood when a entire town comes together and celebrates.

Visitors welcome to the party

a few sheets can become a fantasy


Is this Puff?

Yaaaa Maan

all things parade

These are real!

Complete with World Cup themes

The Beer Monster

Add caption

One who is not restrained, as by convention or obligation

The Splinters

Live like a Rose

Be the Axle

We are the Protectors of out Planet, Aren't we?

Here Comes the Sun

Me Hugging the Sun, so did the Admiral

Everyone followed the sun to the farmers Market where the Party conntinued

And Dance

We found some shade over here

and we partied
We had to try the giant Mushroom cheese melt

and we partied some more

2014 Summer Solstice Parade Orcas Island

The Summer Solstice is now celebrated just about everywhere. The longest day followed by progressively shorter days. The longest day in the PNW is certainly longer the farther North you go. The longer the daylight and thus the shorter the nights in the summer. My friends who work on fishing boats in Alaska experience a 22 hour day on the Solstice near Kodiak Alaska. On Orca's the sunrise to sunset is about 5:10 am to 9:10 pm, about 16 hours but of course the light is much longer so it is only really dark for just about 6-7 hours. There is something about extended hours of daylight that just enhances everyone's day. The only thing that I have not totally adjusted to is the early sunrise since my body wants to wake up at first light. I always wake up and have to turn away from the windows to pretend it is still dark outside to get back to sleep.
Not sure what living on a Island would be like full time but it certainly seems to favor the community that lives year round on Orcas. You are sort of enveloped in sort of a spiritual Aura as soon as you arrive and this heavenly environment certainly dominates the mood that everyone collectively seems to experience. 
To see the Parade in it's entirety go to

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