Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Harbor Routine

The Marina has a conveniently located Which Way

This is the Chikee Hut where all manner of gatherings occur.

The Admiral at morning Yoga at the Chikee Hut

Marathons Version of the Horny Toad.

This floating Art show was way cool...beyond Laid Back

All the booths were around the pool, we made the round then had a drink at the Tiki Hut on the left where a very smooth voice was singing your fav.

We loved their art so much we bought it.

Well we saw the Red Neck wine Glasses in  Matagorda Harbor now these Key Style here.

I think this is the Mother-in-Law floor plan

We hung out till he finally glided away.

Mine has 6 speeds but 5 are useless at this elevation.

Patchin the Tube....Twice!

Discovered the culprit was a rusty wheel on the inside, I covered up the rust with electrical tape.

 This Gel Seat is the best buy I have made since coming to Marathon!

Every Day.
 The Harbor Routine

A routine develops in Boot Key Harbor AKA The Harbor. I am up at 0730 since this is when the sun wakes me. At 0800 start the engine to charge up the batteries, the Admiral stirs by 0830 coffee and tea and our usual light breakfast along with the The Cruisers Net on VHF 68 at 0900 where those new to Boot Key introduce themselves; Those Leaving Bid Farewell; announcements for the day; questions comments, need help request; Buy, Sell Trade; Trivia for the day, and last call for any other concerns are heard and responded to after the Net. The Admiral takes advantage of the free Yoga at 1000, I do computer stuff in the Marina commons area. Then back to the boat to regroup to eat lunch and after off to discover something new about the Keys. Tuesday nights at 0800 there are predetermined topics of discussion at the Chikee Hut, So far we have attended two of these, one on cruising the Bahamas and one on living in small spaces. Bikes are essential here so we bought two 26” used bikes at the local bike store. We tried the Cruisers Net, the area resale shops and Craig’s List but Used Bikes are very popular here so your timing has to be just right, the bike store just had two so we bought them, a deal at $75 each. We will be able to resell them easy when we depart. Just like anything bikes need maintenance, my bike had a flat on the third day. I actually enjoyed reliving the old days of repairing a punctured tube. Of course the Flat happened at Home Depot and I had to walk the bike back to the Marina, get on Lynn’s Beach Cruiser and go to K-Mart to get a fix it kit. Later I also bought a Gel filled add on Bike seat since I was experiencing a bit of saddle soreness.

We heard on the Cruisers Net about a Art’s and Crafts show being held at Nearby Sombrero Resort. All the Artist are live-aboards/cruisers in Marathon so we knew that would be cool to go to. As we were leaving the dingy dock headed to the Art show this 12 year old girl was standing there holding a Iguana, she said it was just in the grass and she just walked over and picked it up. We had a great time at the Art show and bought some hand made cards by one of the youngest artist at the show. There was a Tiki Bar and an old smooth voice singing hits from the 50’s.60’s, and 70’s. Later when we returned to our dingy from the Art show there was a Manatee just hanging out right next to our dingy. After this we decided that we needed to just stay in Marathon for at Least a month so we could enjoy much more of the Keys before we leave.

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