Friday, December 28, 2012

Marathon Arts

We Heard on the Cruisers Net about the Marathon Theatre so we got tickets to both "Nana's Naughty Nickers" and the Annual Holiday Concert

This Cafe is conveniently located next door to the Theatre, had a great Conch Soup and Mahi-Mahi Salad

It's best to get to the Theatre early to take advantage of the Social Hour where Jackie provides excellent background music on her electric Piano.

A few of the light scenes at the Marina

Florida Avocados are HUGE, this is a full size plate, they are a bit more bland but great in salads.

The Cormorant's appreciate those who leave their dingy on the mooring while they go out for a sail. They seem to conveniently poop inside the dingy.

This Little guy was looking for some Love

It is ok to touch with one hand but not Two!

Queen Angel Fish often seen around the Dingy docks along with colorful Parrot fish and baby Barracudas, some have seen Seahorse here and a Green Eel out by the front dingy docks.

This is supposed to be against the law, giving Manatees fresh water, but the Marina guy did it so.....

About 20 people were all lined up to get the perfect shot and this guy comes zooming out, does a tight circle right between the crowd and the Sunset and hollers YAAHOOOOO! Some were not amused but it was funny!

No Green Flash, maybe next time.

A great evening at the Sunset Grill enjoying dinner with our friend John Furlinger who came down from Tampa to visit a couple of nights.
The Marathon Arts
We heard over the Cruisers Net about the local Community Theatre and decided to buy tickets to Nana's Naughty Nickers, a play about a retired widow in NYC who decided to design and sell Lingerie from her new York apartment so she would have something fun  to do. While it is illegal to have a business out of your apartment in NYC it created a funny drama as she serves her clients and tries to avoid the Superintendent. We also bought tickets to the Annual Holiday Concert. It is wise to arrive about an hour early for the Social Hour as Jackie plays old hits on her electric piano and keeps the upbeat. We met several other cruisers during the social hour and heard lots of great cruising stories. The Holiday Concert was better than expected and very Hooty as well. Florida is retirement central for everywhere USA, Canada, and several European countries as well. The retirees bring with them their money, talents, and arts to Florida. If there is not a place for them to practice there passion they create a place. This was very evident in the Annual Holiday Concert complete with singing, dancing, Tap Dancing, Belly Dancing (no skin was exposed) and Choral arrangements. Many of these artist are here just in the winter months as they abandoned the Northern climates in mass either by boat, RV, and all others means.
John my First Mate on the trip down to Marathon was headed this way to pick up some boat parts so he visited with us a couple of nights. This gave us a chance to get some more local knowledge from him. We had dinner one night at Porky's that is a famous old restaurant on the Bay side and one night at the Sunset Grille on the Atlantic side right at the 7- mile bridge. Just as we arrived ar the Sunset Grille I noticed the sun was about to set and ran over to get a few pics, there were 20-30 people lined up along the perimeter of the restaurant at the waters edge to get the perfect shot and just as the sun touched the Horizon this Sport fisherman with the guy driving from the Tuna tower speeds out and does this little circle yelling YAAHOOOO and stops the boat right between the Photographers and the Sun. some were not amused but I could not hel[p but laugh, it was funny, I know that guy ended up in lots of shots and videos, he is probably on You Tube for sure.
The Dingy dock area is very active with all sorts of sea life. The Manatee's are around on a regular basis. We are learning what is OK and what is a Felony when it comes to being in the presence of these water elephants. You can touch but with just one hand, two hands is not allowed, you are not to give them fresh water, but the Marina guy did so we watched the baby Manatee drinking from the hose. Queen Angel fish, colorful parrot fish, baby Barracuda that live in the Mangroves till old enough to go to sea, strange looking fuzzy crabs, shell fish, and we have heard of Seahorse and a big green eel being sighted.

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