Friday, December 21, 2012

It's The Motion of the Ocean

This is the front door to Sombrero Beach

It is the Motion of the Ocean!

The Best Beach in the Keys says Marathon!

these Locals had just gone through the Sister Creek outlet and looked to be having a family cruise out in the Atlantic

This is the Sister Creek inlet from the Atlantic, the channel winds it's way through beautiful homes on the East side and Mangroves on the West side of the channel.

Looking down Sister Creek towards Boot Key Harbor

Nice hike and Bike Path from Route 1 to Sombrero Beach on Sombrero Beach Road

The Greene stacked Christmas trees are on a large Catamaran Sailboat, a family with 5 young children, don't worry it is a huge vessel and they have four big Staterooms.

The Boot Key Harbor had Just 8 boats in the Parade but they were all decked out!


Low Rider!

Santa's on his Way

And this Sailing Vessel won the Grand Prize.

I continue to hear Notable Phrases from the Long Timers here in the Key's. "It's the Motion of the Ocean" stuck with me as this little Notion has So Many applications, meanings, interpretations and soliloquy. It can be purely physical or completely emotional and anywhere in between. Boot Key Harbor is a great place to ponder such and if you have some bikes you can take it with you to Sombrero Beach. It is a wonderful little ride down Sombrero Beach Road along a nice wide paved hike and bike trail. It is obvious once you get here that this spot is revered by the locals and they are just willing to share it with you. This was mainly a scouting journey and we were not prepared to spend the entire day at the beach but we shall return. Then is was time to pick up a few things at the store to enjoy the evening Parade of Lights. Every boat in the Harbor had a front row seat as this little Armada of mostly local vessels proudly promenade. As members of the Hill Country yacht Club on Canyon Lake we participated in the Christmas Parade of lights there on our 25' Catalina Sailboat "Moon Chaser", we enjoyed probably one of the Longest Boat Parades aboard our 30' Catalina "Hey You" on Lake Travis. Viewed the Kemah Boat Parade with the previous owners of our Endeavour  "Wan'drin Star"  Barb and Josh, and several boat parade's in Corpus with the Bay Yacht Club.
But here the Motion of the Ocean definitly makes it better.

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