Sunday, November 24, 2019

A Full October 2019 and the Evolution of Halloween

A Full October 2019 and the Evolution of Halloween

Looking back October was a Full Meal Deal for sure. Even though Fall showed up two weeks early we fell into the standard practice of adding a layer of clothes and enjoyed the nice Fall weather. We celebrated a belated Admiral's Birthday dinner at Palisades; Enjoyed taking Fall pictures during our walks around Seattle; some sailing; a boat project; Seattle Sounder soccer matches; volunteering at our favorite music event of the year, Ear Shot Jazz Festival; visiting with Chris and Cathy, friends from Texas;spending time with all 4 Grandkids;  and then our end of month trip to Texas and New York. 

The Evolution of Halloween as evidenced by This Zombie Cat and the similar things we saw while in New York.....a long way from Casper!

Fall colors are big time in the PNW.

Mighty fine friends from Kehma, Texas, actually Canadian transplants, visit Seattle. We spend the day at the Seattle Sculpture Garden, Seattle center, Pikes Market, and the Seattle Water Front ending with a fine Happy Hour at the E.
Chris and Cathy are retired except Cathy has this excellent retirement gig as a Nurse Educator who gets called to anywhere U.S. to ply her craft. Then they take all the money she earns and go anywhere Planet Earth. They are now cruising South America for a month.

Gold Tape on my Head? 

Fall from the water.

Mount Bakerout on a clear day.

Skipper Big D at the Helm!

You can always find a Sea lion or seal hanging out on a navigation buoy.

Humm, we saw this ship when it was entering the Lake Washington Ship Canal, now it's headed out.

Its nice to have a 360 Bridge

So many different ways to build a ship.

He will have to back all the way down the channel to the Sound, there is no where for this guy to turn around till he gets to Shilshole Bay.

A cool sunset on the way to a Sounders Game

The best way to get to the Stadium, March with the Supporters!

The Sounders are finding a way to win at the most important time.

Happy Birthday Admiral!

Elliot Bay Marina in Fall colors.

A cool way to memorialize 

This is a screen shot from the Marine Traffic App. As you can see there is plenty of company out on today's' oceans. Almost every very colored speck is a commercial ship. A few are recreational vessels. At any rate you are never alone on the High seas these days and you better keep a sharp eye out!

The refrigeration unit just was not doing it anymore so the October boat project was to replace the unit.

If you know how to forage mushrooms then your a step ahead.

Bell Harbor, Cruise ship season is almost over.

We only got to volunteer for three events, but we definitely hit the best!

A new front moving in.

The last cruise ship of the season.

How do you get here?
My Sisten MaMa GinGin with sons Zack and Josh Grandkids  Lux and Luna

We visited the new Trader Joe's in Downtown Austin where Zack works,
pretty awesome place to work.

The changing Austin

The Old Seaholm Power Plant transitioned into upscale shops and condos.

The new Austin Public Library, first time for us to visit even though it was built several years ago.

Very cool inviting spaces.

A roof top lounge area with Austin views.

Austin must be taking notes from Seattle construction, build a six story one block square hole in the ground first.

Thank God! Taco Deli is now at the Austin Airport. Please come to Seattle!

Clara chose to be a little Pig for Halloween.
Maybe Casper is still around?

It was a No Brainer, reading bedtime Harry Potter books with his dad for the last two years.

Cleo hanging with The Zombies.

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