Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Forest Bathing at Mountain Lake Trail, Little Summit Trail, Cold Springs Trail

Mountain Lake Trail

The trail head to Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake is one of those places to get a Trail Bath
  Little Summit Trail

Little Summit Trail The
Compass Rose marks the top of Little Summet

Standing on the Star

You can still forest Bath even when there is smoke.
See; http://moranstatepark.com/trails/little-summit-trail/

Cold Springs Trail

Bathing on the Cold Springs Trail
See http://moranstatepark.com/trails/cold-springs-trail/

Hut marks the Springs

Spring is not flowing today but we get it, need to return in the winter.

Looks like the springs fill the wetlands when she is flowing.

At Mt. Constitution Peak, The observation tower is open today but the view is slightly obscured.

Sooner or later the Forest will bath the air above. 

A pair of robins Forest Bathing

Back at the foot of Mt. Constitution we get a couple more pics of Cascade Lake from a different vantage point

This is where you store the Eagle feathers.
Forest Bathing at Mountain Lake Trail, Little Summit Trail, Cold Springs Trail

OK, now that we have confirmed that we are not Hikers we find a new term. Evidently the Millennials have created a new activity: Forest Bathing. As we were researching the trail on the internet we found much ado about Forest Bathing. Some yoga teachers are getting certification in Forest Bathing so they can take paying clients on a Forest Bathing trip!!!. After reading all about the Forest Bathing experience we now realize that is exactly what we have been doing all along.We Love the Zen of the Forest. If you need to get certified just let us know we can do that for you, if you bring some Pacific Northwest craft beer you get your certificate free!~

If you would like to be a Certified Forest  Bathing guide see: http://www.natureandforesttherapy.org/

or if you just want to learn How: http://www.fodors.com/news/photos/9-spas-where-you-can-try-forest-bathing

or remember, you could just come with us, just remember to bring Beer....

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