Friday, August 25, 2017

Eastsound Fly-In & Antique Car Show, Orcas Island

Eastsound Fly-In & Antique Car Show

We took a break from the trails to the car and airplane show. Orcas Road Classics car club annual show is comprised entirely from vehicles that live on Orcas. Most of the cars in the show were part of our generations experience. We had fun talking about who we knew that owned the various cars back in the day. 

Who did not like the T-Bird?

Did you like the 56' or 57' ?

This one with modern air conditioning.

Later we saw the boat car driving around Orcas

We rode around in Bobbie's 68' Firebird 

One of my high school friends had a similiar vehicle, he liked restoring old model T's and such.

David had a baby blue Mustang. 

You would see a car like this but no one actually owned one.

A 48' Pontiac Woody, none of friends had one. 

This 58' chevy was my favorite, Bobbie's first car was a Metalic Blue 58' with a 283 and a 4 Gear automatic transmission that would GET Rubber in all four gears. He just  stepped on it...we loved that car.

This car looked familiar but we could not put our finger on it. 

These cars were used in France for Taxi's and were made famous in the Pink Panther Movies as Inspector Clouseau's car.

A Quilted Smart Car?

Robert owned one of these, he was kind of tall so it always looked liked he was driving a toy.

The car show was missing two of the most memorable cars of the time. A 60' Chevy Impala which was my ride and my best high school Buddies Car: 
Martti had a 65' (i think) Barracuda. 
The two of us and our friends spent a LOT of time in these cars.

 The annual Old Fashioned Fly-In. Each year 100-150 aircraft attend the Orcas Fly-In from around the country. 

This Bi-Plane is an Orca fixture, you can take a ride most days. We hear the view is great.

The Admiral hanging out with the boys. The Hanger for the Bi-Plane is full of old plane enthusiast who hang out in the easy chairs and just watch planes come and go.

The Show starts here.

I came back later to talk to this guy.

The Medivac Heli Landed just a few yards from me and joined the show.

Turns out many of these are Kit planes and so you just buy the kit, chose the options you want and Put it together

So I went back to talk to this guy. He was a retired teacher who bought the RV-4  Kit from a company in Organ. I asked him how long did it take to build it? "10 Years" So he used his time on weekends and when he retired he had a ready to go plane. He has flown the plane for ten years and enjoys flying wherever to attend these shoes and meet up with other pilots. He said the plane cruises ar 205 MPH and tops out around 215mph.

Most of the planes had a tent pitched so they fly in and just camp out for the weekend having pilot parties.

Everyone stopped to watch this Cessna Citation Jet land.

These pusher plnes are interesting, a true seaplane.

The runway begins on the North shore of Orcas Island. 

The Bi-Plane takes off with another thrill rider.

The Smoke did not stop the fun at the Eastsound Fly-In and car show.

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