Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cascade Falls, Rustic Falls, Hidden Falls Forest Bathing at its Best

Just a short Forest Bath walk to the Falls

But when you get there, the falls add a whole new dimension to the Forest
Bath,  Rustic Falls See: https://youtu.be/Dt_d0Kqtj5E

Now you can Bath in the sounds of water.
Cascade Falls: https://youtu.be/OfvhzCAI3fs

Bath in the mist.
see: https://youtu.be/XxIpt3kBN1Q

Touch 100's of years of growth.

Be the trail.

Fun to see these wooden vessels sailing the Pacific Northwest

These guys floated by on the ebb tide at about 3 knots

We returned to the North beach area where we took our summer solstice pics to to the sun set in the thick Canadian wildfire Smoke. 

The sun is actually the same color as the reflection on the water.

If you zoom in a bit the camera starts to pick up those colors that are due to the smokey haze.

The sun begins to disappear into the smoke as you are looking through progressively dense smoke.as the sun goes down.

Can barely see the sun. 

The sun has not set but the smoke looking through this angle is so thick it is no longer visible.

Cascade Falls, Rustic Falls, Hidden Falls Forest Bathing at its Best

Spending our time in the various Orcas Forest trails provided a Great Escape from the looming Canadian Forest Fire smoke. Hanging out with the water falls enhanced that experience and to us is always worth seeing Pacific Northwest water falls wherever they are no matte how large or small. I have heard of some incredible water falls in the rain forest of the Olympic Penensula but then you have to hike two or three days to get to them. We are official Forest Bathers so hiking is not where it is at for us. The next day we took the ferry then drove the two hours back to Seattle just to find the city surrounded by the same smoke. Eventually a few days later a fresh onshore breeze blew the smoke out and we have had nothing but sun and blue skies of Puget Sound. To date Seattle has seen record heat this summer on the longest stretch of days above 70 degrees and the longest stretch without rain. Getting pretty dusty up here. We learned from the TV news that spending a full day out in the smoke was the equivalent of smoking 7 cigarettes!!! We are thinking the forest and water mitigated that to some degree, were hoping.

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