Monday, June 2, 2014


The Boating activity started up very early Saturday Morning

Lots of Tug boats headed to Bell Harbor, I was excited since the harbor was open to the public this today and I hoped to get down later in the day and tour a couple.

1st of May the Cruise ships showed up in Seattle, there is room for three at a time, two at these docks and 1 at the dock near Bell Harbor. 

The Bell Harbor Marina is a greaat place to sail into unless it is cruise ship season and then they block the entire view of the Olympics, Elliot Bay and Puget Sound.

Skillfull Showe3d up!

Only a few historic Tugs remained in the Harbor by the time I got down there in the Afternoon. I was hoping to get on one of the Modern tugs that push the big ships into the Port of Seattle.

A diving and Salvage Barge invited all there friends for the festival on the water.


Well I missed the Tug boat races and getting to tour a modern Tug but got to watch the huge Cruise ship depart for Alaska

Sunday the Festival continued at The Center for wooden Boats and Lake Union

A great day to sail and see it all from the Water

All kinds of work boats become pleasure boats for this day.

Gas works Park was full of activity

The best vantage point to see the activity on Lake Union if you are not on the water.

Another huge Mega Yacht was in town. The 96-meter superyacht VAVA II, owned by billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli and his wife, former Miss UK Kirsty Roper

Of course a ride on the Duck will get you up close.

Only one thing to do after a great sail on the top deck of the Arthur Foss

Gotta have Mariner tunes

We saw lots of folks building all sorts of vessels out of wood earlier, did not know they were gonna compete with them!

Whoops to much ballest on the Port side!

The finish is close

and the LUDD team wins!


We heard about the Maritime Festival just a few days before the weekend and after reading the itinerary of events I just wanted to make sure to see the Tug Boat Races. But unfortunately I misread the schedule and thought the tug Boat races were on Sunday. Needless to say I arrived on the water front just after the races had finished. The other thing I wanted to do is to take a tour of one of the modern Tugs that work the water front every day pushing the huge ships into the Port of Seattle. Again I missed that opportunity since the race was over they were already on their way home.
I did get to see a lot of  Mariner Stuff at all the booths and get into Bell Harbor to see the remaining vessels on display which I am somewhat already familiar with. Oh, well we had all day Sunday to spend on Lake Union where all the fun was held on the second day. There was one last Blanchard on the docks available for the Admiral and I to get out on the water and see the fun from there. We sailed for over 3 hours just enjoying all the sights and the new Mega Yacht hanging out in Seattle for a while:  It's kinda of like being out on a big impromptu party on the lake, everyone is happy and just enjoying the great weather and fun vessels on the water.
We finished with a beer on the Aurthur Foss and a great Race by several teams who had just a few hours to build their race vessel for all to see during the festival.
Later I learned it was just part of " April through May, enjoy the more than 30 special events, including the Vigor Seattle Maritime Festival, tours, Career Day, family activities and lots of other cool events, as we celebrate Seattle’s Five Star Working Waterfront." See.
Just goes to show you that you cant do everything!

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