Tuesday, June 10, 2014

May in Seattle

Just another example 

Zoom in on this pic, You can send anything you want to Alaska on a barge like this, just bring it to Seattle.

Serengetti, Johnny Carson's Yacht under new Command at Shillshole.
Just another Seattle fireman's Day

Our condo building had to be evacuated

"But we have to go in and eat our Pizza!

Drew 1st Pond Boat rental.

Everywherer you look in Seattle are fantastic Blooming Flora

The Seattle Aquarium has become a hangout with the family membership.

Can I Chew on these?

Just Groovin on the Grass

We finally saw a mushroom they all talk about growing in the city.

Digging the Pacific Science Center's Music room.

Mothers Day at Pike's Market

The Skateboarders hitting the rail at the Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center

Real Man Overboard Drill at the Center for Wooden Boats

Good Golly he is Heavy!

With the creative assistance of a dockline turned into a sling step we get him aboard finally.

Checkin out the latest Mega Yacht

The 314-foot-long superyacht VAVA II has a helicopter pad, six decks and a swimming pool. It’s longer than some Washington State Ferries.

One more Example

Gas Works Park

Always a new vessel on Display at the Center for Wooden Boats "Dolphine"

Find your on Parking

Another Free Sail at Windworks

That's David on the foredeck working Hard
He is really good at spotting the Sealife though!

You know what they say, A bad day on the water is way better than anything else.

Several of these Fantails in the Seattle area

Collecting Raffel tickets from those that leave early at the Best Damn Happy Hour at the Armory in Seattle Center.

The 70' Obsesion returning from the evenings sunset Sail.

The Cruise Ship Season Starts May 1 
Chris and Christine go sailing with me on the Capri 22 and we make it all the way to Kingston Harbor 

A new Sculpture is added to the Seattle Sculpture Gardens

The second boat from the left is a Diesel Duck, old friends we met when we bought Wand'rin Star

And a sunset walk on Alkie Beach in West Seattle
May in Seattle

Two huge changes occur on May 1:

1. Winter is Over
Like a light switch going off the weather changes. All of a sudden the highs are in the 50's and the low's are in the 40's. A big 10 degree change in both directions .Less Rain, more Sun. Millions of blooming plants every where, Tulips are a huge deal but all sorts of flora is bringing color to the city. All the trees announce Spring is here. There is a clear distinction between the four seasons which we have never experienced living most of our lives in the two season Texas which is either hot or cold and sometimes both on the same day. This brings a lot of people into the city and it is the beginning of the Tourist Season.

2. Boating Season officially opens May 2
The Three cruise ship terminals were full May 2 which is also the opening day of Boating Season. All of a sudden Elliot Bay is constantly full of all kinds of pleasure vessels, and all the sport fisherman are out in hoards. All the various sailboat racing fleets begin their racing series. I was already having fun with the Winter Sailing season but now you can shed the heavy jacket and the rain clothes. More people are out sailing so you have new opportunities to make connections to increase those sailing moments.The water and all types of marine activities both commercial and recreational are celebrated all across the city, You can see what I am talking about from the short film I got to participate in titled "Sea Folk" produced by the local film production company Digital Kitchen for a competition sponsored by the Seattle International Film Festival:

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