Monday, June 30, 2014

Sailing Lake Union with David

David knew about this fantail Motor Vessel, he knew the owners had spent Lots $$ on getting her restored, She is sometimes on display at some of the yachting events around the area so I might see her again up close

Olympus:  check out this linik!

Had to sail by the huge mega yacht 1 more time.

We saw all these people eating dinner on this old Washington State Ferry on the North shore and had to wonder if it was a restaurant or??

Getting Married?

If you want to sail all the way to the I5 bridge, which was my goal today, you have to sail by Ivar's first!

Had to dodge this ship coming out of the Mont Lake Cut bridge

Best way to verify you made the bridge!

More than 1 historic ships on these waters

David had taken a tour of the newest section of house boats on Lake Union so he gave me a tour.

David knows these waters well but he usually does it by Kyak.

Sailing Lake Union with David

I first met David on a free sail at Windworks. I later sent him a email to see if he would go out on a Capri 22 since you have to have crew on there vessels, they do not allow single handing. Anyway David has become a good friend after several ventures on the Sound together so I invited him for a Blanchard 20 Sail on Lake Union. He took right to the Blanchard and since he has frequently Kayaked the whole lake he was full of local information on the goings on at Lake Union. I t was a fine day for a sail and finally enough wind in the right direction to allow us to make the I5 bridge that has been a goal of mine and the previous two attempts I made failed due to light or no winds in the channel leading toward Portage Bay.
Davis is a retired Ford Motor Company Executive so we enjoy comparing retirement stories. We both agree that is is difficult to know how we even had time to work a full time job since we are both so busy all the time now. I think it is probably pretty typical of retired baby boomers who loved their careers when they were in it but live the retired life with the same enthusiasm and definitely with a lot more appreciation for what we have going for us.

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