Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Puget Sound II

Going on "Free Sails" provides the opportunity to meet a new set of sailors. I got to meet Shannon, Mike, Brad and Rick on this sail. 

This is Captain "Curly" or Bill, he leads all the Night Power Boat and Sailing free sails. 

The Power boats are these Camino 31's, this was my first Power boat sail on Puget Sound with Windworks

I had to check out the Fly Bridge

Headed for the Seabouy marking the entrance to the Washington Lake Ship Canal, and it serves as the safe water buoy for those of us exiting Shillshole Marina

Entering Port Madison Bay

To Hidden Cove

A private island in the Cove, Just a foot bridge leading to there house.

On these trips Margaret always starts by firing up the stove and so we all enjoyed her cornbread with the wine. I let this PNW woman know that she was welcome anywhere in the South, especially if she brought along a bit of "This" bread.

Brad, Me, Mike, Rick

Mike at the Helm. if you are not smiling when sailing you are in the wrong place!

A 42 Baveria "Blue Deut". this was a fine Heavy cruising boat.

Epiphany, a companion boat heading back to Shillshole

All Marinas should have dingy storage like this

A Feisty Kingfisher, I see this guy often fishing in the marina.

This is David, he has become my goto sailing Buddy we were hoping to spot some Orca's since they are sometimes sighted along Bainbridge Island.

No wind so we moored by to check out the funky sea lions, and I do Mean "FUNKY"

Sorry boys, all tables are taken.

wonder what that wake will be like when it gets here?

The C22 managed it well and there was a Kayaker who was surfing off the wake!

I wanted to motor down to the bridge to see the entrance to the Ballard Locks

Phil came with me on this trip, we went to the free Suquamish docks at Suquamish

Safely tied up at the dock, we were the only ones there.

I met Phil at the Center for Wooden Boats, he is a long time volunteer sail instructor there and retired from the EPA, we have had some very interesting conversations.

More to see and do here on the next trip.

The Suquamish Long House.

Capt. curly suggested Sullys' out of the three choices for our late lunch.

Heading back to the C22 we were hoping the winds had filled in but not so.

This Eagle is often seen hanging out on this Green 3 or even down on the breakwater rocks.

The pilings let you know where the tides are.


Plenty of room for a 15' tender

If I time it right I will get a sail on Orion

A couple of huge racing sleds on this dock.

A typical Puget sound fisher

A fine sunset with the Olympics 

Puget Sound II

Windworks continues to provide great access to Puget Sound. Besides having unlimited sailing on their Capri 22's they have lots of free opportunities to get on the water with their free Power boat and larger sailboats monthly. The "Free Sails" are a great place to meet other sailors and  also learn a lot of local knowledge from them. I learned about the Free Squamish dock in Port Madison Bay and three restaurants within walking distance. You also sail a wide variety of vessels giving a unique opportunity to test them out: http://www.windworkssailing.com/fleet/fleet.aspx , so far I have sailed or crewed on 10 different vessels. There is a monthly free Happy Hour where you can again meet a lot of local sailors and make connections for additional sailing opportunities.
I went sailing today with my sailing buddy David and I told him I wanted to sail up as far South as possible into Elliot Bay. The forecast was for South 10 mph winds and light afternoon rain. The tide was ebbing (moving North) and the tidal change about 5-6'. This would allow me to learn just how the local tides affect sailboats moving against the grain. Well, I have to tell you I was Humbled in just one tack across the sound as we attempted to clear West Point to enter Elliot Bay. We had 10-15 winds plenty to move the C22 5-6 knots but with the outgoing tide we were lucky to make 3 knots. I was sure we could at least make West Point but the rains begin to fill in to the South of us and I checked my Iphone app Radarscope. The rains were much more than the light rains forecasted and on our third tack across the Sound we came about, fell off and headed back to Shillshole.
My trip with Phil over to the free Suquamish dock paid off, I found a nice little restaurant to take the Admiral to and I got to know a very interesting Seattle local who worked at the regional EPA administration in the Seattle area. Not only did he hook me up with another opportunity to learn about Puget sound through the Puget Sound Keepers Assoc. but he is a window to the operations of the EPA and this is an area I have become very interested in as we cruised the entire Gulf of Mexico Coast and now have this opportunity in the PNW. Saving our waters and coastal areas for future generations is at risk and unless you see this as your home you are very removed from the issues that are facing these communities. There is a lot of water on this planet and if the water is not happy then I can promise you will not be happy either, no matter where you live.

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