Thursday, April 3, 2014

North Lake Union Part I

My first stop on this self guided tour was the Lake Washington Rowing Club

I met a very fit woman who was nice enough to talk to me a few moments about LWRC, she picked up this rowing shell and quite easily carried it across the lake to the dock.

Just the best yacht clubs have these kind of facilities.

Always interested in Schooners

When I spotted this Crelock, I had to go see if I could get on the docks, and fortunately for me the gate was propped open.

Every Pacific Seacraft no matter what it's size interest me.

A 24' Pacific Seacraft Dana, I sailed with Dr. Ken on "Star" at Lake Travis and those are some of my fondest sailing memories.

Wind Vane Steering systems fit so well on a Pacific Seacraft.

Lord Nelson Victory Tug...If I ever go over to the Dark Side this will be the boat for Sure.

They have this wonderful Popeye Pilot House

What is this?

Think about traveling the world in this cockpit

Then the very classy

Get it done at Freemont Boat Co. 

North shore looking South towards downtown.

A live aboard, has'nt moved in a while, they have been fixing her up.

I have read several articles about those who have bought old tugs and converted them to cruisers. It's only Money!

Hey, we've been there!

I saw this glow in the water and smoke billowing out, It's under water welding, first time to ever see this.

I hollered over to this gentleman who explained that they were using a special rod like the one he is holding and one of the lines he is holding is pumping down Oxygen to the welder that creates 10,000 degrees of heat, hot as the surface of the sun. The other line is providing Oxygen for the diver. The welder is electric ardc welding, not sure why everyone is not shocked to death?

if you wated enough 1950's movies you know all about these.

I can still fit through that door.

Not sure if it still meets 2014 specs.

How many divers could actually fit in there?

If I wanted to learn I would definitely go to this schoo.

Just 1 more shipyard on lake Union

If you need your ship fixed.

I have been wanting to visit the CWB North Boat shop.

A Blanchard Jr. Knockabout being reconditioned to be put back in service in the sail Now program. It has already returned and I have taught 6 students in this fine vessel.
The keel is a big piece of lead bolted on to this wooden vessel.

Very sleek and fast rudder, this boat is very responsive and turns on a dime, it would be a very fun race for sure.

Craftsmanship reeks, all five senses notice immediately

your choice, sail or row

Can't stop taking pics of the Blanchard. If you are a Sailor of any kind and you come to Seattle, you have to come to the Center for Wooden boats and sail one of these on Lake Union!

A newer neighborhood of the house boats have sprung up here

Must be the Mother-in-Law Plan

Dreamer of World Peace

Sorry did not load properly, this is the plaque on the Statue above.!/chinmoylift.html

A look toward Capital Hill

A different kind of spectacular for the evening sunset.

North Lake Union Part I

There are so many doors I do not walk through. If I did I could never get home. You just have to take advantage of those things that jump out at you and walk by the rest even though you know if you just took a moment there would be something very cool on the other side. We are all infinite specs of dust. I do not know if I will able able to finish the North Lake Tour but I am going to try.
I drove my daughter and grandson over to Ballard to Google and dropped them off to eat lunch with Drew's Daddy. I found a place to park and started walking East along the North shore of Lake Union. Thank God I was born a Texan or I might not ever learn a damn thing. I found all sorts of people to talk to and ask them what they were doing. Even though Seattle people do not start conversations they will participate if you start. And it turns out they love to tell you what they are doing! In Texas we just hey Hey, how are you, come on in here and I'm gonna tell you what we are doing here, want a beer?
Boat Nirvana lives on the North Shore. Just wait till I get to the Fisherman's Terminal Post, Holly cow I was on the Mountain Top of Fishing right there! Besides meeting John Crowley a third generation  Long Line fisherman, today I rode on a Puget Sound Keepers Vessel and met an incredible crew along with another 1st time volunteer who just happens to be a Marine Biologist that works 6 months out of the year on the fishing fleet in Alaska in the Bering Sea . I learned tons from Her today.


  1. I like your blog and pictures. We live aboard a dual stern paddle wheeler at Seattle Marina. Fun to see pic's around the lake.

  2. Oh, also the name of the Green houseboat at Troll Ave and N. Northlake Way is "Alice". The builder named his houseboats after special people in his life.

    1. Linda, thanks for the comments, I find something new every time I venture out in this City. I will make an effort to check out Seattle Marina, Thanks!