Saturday, April 12, 2014

Green Lake

Geologists say the Vashon Glacial Ice Sheet, which also formed Puget Sound and other area lakes, formed Green Lake 50,000 years ago. Dredgings of Green Lake have produced volcanic ash from an eruption of Glacier Peak that occurred about 6,700 years ago.

Always an interesting tree in the neighborhoods

American Coot

The Cascades are in the background

You can usually see either the Cascades and/or the Olympics no matter where you are in Seattle

Spring shows up in March. They actually have 4 different seasons here!

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They must have a lot of rowing competitions

I guess it is about 2 miles around the hike and bike path around the Lake. There are all kinds of activities going on and the trail is full of runners, walkers, strollers, bikers, roller blades etc. It also serves as a giant swimming pool in the summer as well as a place for competitive and recreational non power boating

The Livery

Hope to come back with Drew and rent one of their small sailboats for an hour or so.

Green Lake

Green Lake is a locals getaway from the hustle of Seattle. I am sure most people who use this resource walk here but there are also a few parking lots around full of cars. Seattle Americana is here getting their daily or weekend exercise and it must be nice living in the surrounding neighborhood having such a great resource right out the front door.
Our Daughter brought us here a few years ago when we were here just for a visit. it is one of her favorite jogging trails but since Baby Drew she has not visited. We remembered the visit and was pleased to discover that it is just a short drive away from Belltown. It is not exactly a tourist attraction since there are so many other wonderful things to do in the region but if you are here for an extended stay it is certainly worth the trip to  experience the variety of Seattle neighborhoods. Definitely gonna go back this summer when it is in full swing to rent a small sailboat and hopefully get Drew on the water.

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