Friday, November 30, 2018

October 2018 Seattle Our First Sunset Puget Sound Sail

October 2018 Seattle Our First Sunset Puget Sound Sail

Well several things were notable in October but one of the greatest achievements was our first sunset sail aboard SNOWBALL with all the accompanying sunset photos of course. October was dryer and warmer setting historic records just like all the other years and months we have lived here so we got to enjoy the Sound at every opportunity we were not otherwise scheduled. 
Recently I decided to do the thing and dive into family history. There was mention from some relative years ago that we descended from Norseman in Scandinavia. Supposedly Steakley came from STEEKLEY which the document said Steek means cattle and Ley means pasture. The Steekley's were said to be cattle rustlers that went up and down the coastline in their little viking boats stealing cattle. How did they get the cow into the boat? 

It just so happens that there is a tribute to Leif Erickson at our marina and all the Scandinavians in the Seattle area can have their name engraved upon the plaques that adorn the rocks. So I spent some time looking for any of the surnames we descended from and close but no cigar. So my next step is to visit the Nordic Heritage Museum here in Seattle to see if they can help me find any supporting data. My work on Ancestory goes only back to the mid 1500 to 1600 and I run into a dead in in Somerset England as well as a few other European towns. 

Not here that I can tell.

This Peace Plant Bloom opened the 1st of October and graciously faced us all month long bringing optimism and hope.

Then UT beat OU

Having work done on our Austin home long distance is always a little concerning but it appears they did a fine job on the new fence. We got to check it out in person in November.

We take advantage of the close proximity of Golden Gardens Park to our marina and take long walks along the beach. 

The Ballard locks are also walking distance from the marina so we continued to seek out Fall colors along the way.

Cloudy or sunny the beauty is always here.

Exploring our marina on the South end reveals a dock for small cruise ships.

And then of course we spent several evenings at the Earshot  Jazz Festival where I took this picture out a third story window.

We left the dock around 17:30 for our first Sunset Sail.

There is always a different angle to see Mt. Rainier

When we first came to Seattle I asked our Son in law if there was a way to identify the peaks of the Olympics and the Cascades and he found this for me so I keep it on my phone for reference.

West Point Light house with fall colors

Click onthis photo to enlarge it, see that tiny fishing boat just feet away from the passing container ship?

That's Golden Gardens Park

The Sunset begins.

Excellent forethought when we were at the Ballard Farmers Market earlier in the day and I bought this fine Lager from one of the vendors. Completed the Sunset with just the right flavors after we settled in at the dock for the evening.

Recently an old timer in Ft. Worth asked me if Seattle is still the suicide capitol of the world due to it being so dreary and depressing.

Our almost two year old Clara is now getting her turn to explore Pocket Beach.

These huge Red oaks line the play ground where Big D plays with his neighborhood buddies after pre-school. The Leaves and big acorns were raining down.

We went to a couple of Sounders games and they won both. We decided that they must be winning since we were there so we just kept on going to the games and they just kept on winning.

And being Grandparents for the Incredibles filled all the rest of our time in October

Hope your Halloween was Fun Fun Fun

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  1. They have a few large flat screens in the hall but not too many to make this a sports bar. It's all about the beer at New York venues here. Long lines of taps are behind each bar sporting an impressive array of craft libations.