Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Solstice 2017 Orcas Island

Summer Solstice 2017 Orcas Island
Tuesday June 20 9:24 pm

Being our last full day on Orcas, we decided to keep it low key and just walk around to see more of the East Sound community.

House Finch....we think

We heard some ethereal music wafting out of the Oddfellows Community Center. The
Admiral decided to join their Free Dance, I walked on to check out the East Sound dock.

They have added a few Mooring Balls called "Mooring Bouys" in Washington State. I was curious to see if they added a pay station for the Bouys. No, they are free but online they say they are just for Day use but a couple of vessels enjoyed a few days on on

Just across the street from the Oddfellows Center

The Madrone trees are plentiful.

A Black Bunny free footin it....
It's all about the Solstice. Winter or summer it does not matter, these are Holy Days in the Pacific Northwest.The Longest Day is Glorified and the Shortest Day is equally appreciated as it means the days will continually get longer.....very important when the winter nights are very long and the sunshine spotty at best. We decided to just go back to the North shore just a 10 minute drive from our spot in East Sound.

We got the last parking spot. The sun is just behind the cloud line.

When exactly is Sundown?

If your up there much later.

Sun is resting upon the distant island

Texas is Gods Country

But God lives here

Sundown for sure

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