Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Day On Sucia Island

For $45 round trip Outer Island water taxi will drop you off at Sucis Island and pick you up. We were surprised this vessel would be our water taxi. The Cap't explained we would be the only two going over that morning, but he would be picking up 9 campers who spent the weekend on Sucia.

The water taxi brings you to Fossil Bay on the south side of the Island .

They drop you off on this dock and say, see you at 4:30.

We looked around at Fossil Bay but we wanted to hike to Echo Bay where we had spent one night anchored here on a Tayana 42 chartered out of Bellingham. with our daughter and future son-in-law.

You get pretty good at spotting Eagles.

It was a misty foggy morning but the forecast was for after noon sun.

This Kingfisher was busy

click on the pic and zoom in.

Black Slug

Shallow Bay was our favorite spot. An awesome anchorage that we will definitely come back to by boat.

The China Caves at Shallow Bay

Saw a couple of harbor seals here

Most of the trails are wide as they are used by park rangers ATV's

Mudd Bay

Lots of old concrete mooring anchors used as rick rake to form this dam on the West end of Mudd Bay

Little Sucia Islan

Fox Cove

A seal along President Channel

Our ride home was this open center console 23' Sun Runner with a 20 something female captain, typical of the Pacific Norhtwest

Just as we were slowly motoring out of the mooeing field, a Eagle swoops doen to steel this minks food,

There was a very short spat between the Eagle and the Mink, The Eagle got the booty.

Arriving after a very fun throttle wide open ride across Presidents Channel to the marina.

A Day On Sucia Island

We never got the forecast afternoon sun, it was foggy, drippy most of the whole day. But the forest is always beautiful on those days and you spend a lot of time hiking to the various bays, coves, and scenic points.We arrived about 9:30 and departed right at 4:40 that afternoon so we were slow hiking most of the time. We missed Snoring Bay and Ewing Cove along with Stony Reef but saw most of the rest. Younger faster hikers could do it all in a day trip but this is one place we will return to. I really felt fortunate to return to this island since we spent one incredible night years ago in Echo Bay on the hook. I got up around a couple of times during the night just to make sure our anchor was holding and each time the water was alive with sea life. It looked like a Walt Disney movie. Hiking the Island allowed us to see the Island from a different vantage and Shallow Bay is the spot for us next time.

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