Sunday, December 25, 2016

Still Hunting November in Seattle 2016

Still Hunting November in Seattle 2016

The hunt for the "Most Perfect Vessel" continues through November. But there are other activities to offer distractions from boat hunting. Clara is due soon so helping the parents in the 9th month and her 3 year old brother stay busy, fill all the extra time. November brings plenty of traditional Seattle rain and a storm or two passing through as they start their march across the U.S. One of the many things that makes every day special here is living in the valley between the Olympic and Cascade Mountains along Puget Sound. The beauty is a constantly evolving weather, colors and more or less sunlight. Fall is ever present and winter is looming for some and highly anticipated by others who can't wait to spend as much time as possible in the higher elevations. 

Occasionally there is a story of one who test this out.

The mom building the nest.

Finally got to meet Duane on his Catalina 36 at Queen City Yacht Club. Since we are interested in a C36 Duane offered to show me around his vessel. My good sailing buddy has spent several summers sailing Puget Sound and beyond as crew with Duane. Great to have some more local knowledge! 

Baroque and Wine, one of my favorites at Benoroya Hall

Thought we had one, but Felicity failed the test.

Very proud of our oldest grandaughter recieving an award at her high school in Austin.

Whatever she does, the world will be a better place.

Pretty cool that she chose her Great Grandfather for a high school assignment. 

Tinkergarten at Woodland Park. This class is outside no mater what the weather is.

Today the class is in a leanto, the tea is hot. 

Moss Head

Fall colors breaking out.

It's a Peanuts Thanksgiving ni the pumpkin patch.

Teaching Sailing in the rain is the best.

Wow, we came back from dead last to the playoffs!

I like this model of Mainship

Promises to be a great season of snow

Our collection of research in the hunt for the Most Perfect Vessel.

Appears to be a converted work boat.

I walk down the street side of this pier often but I noticed these guys fishing from a out of sight spot. 

I walked down and hung out with them a couple of times. They are a group of Asians who show up here everyday after work around 5pm to fish for squid. You can see by the color of the concrete surface below them that they have been doing this for a number of years. 

Drew has a weekly music class in the EMP museum
Jimi Hendrix exhibit is my favorite.

This exhibit was built by a German scupture, it mechanically plays Jimi Hendrix's" If 6 was 9"

We cfhecked out a sailboat named "Algonquin"

If it ain't raining much then its a good time to get out for a walk. The days are also getting shorter so enjoy what daylight is left at the end of the day. The next 8 pics were taken along the same walk during sunset time. 


Then we took a few shots of the Super Moon

At the Earshot Jazz Volunteer appreciation dinner, drinks and concert.

Donner and Blitzen resting up for a busy season. I heard they ordered all their gifts through Amazon.


These old tugs are still working hard from here to Alaska.

The November Election was foggy.

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