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October in Seattle 2016

October in Seattle 2016
The rainiest October in recorded history in the PNW. But it was still warm by Seattle standards. The sun did shine and on those moments and even in the rain we got out and enjoyed October. We continued our boat hunt but after the disappointment of "Felicity" we have slowed down on that front and keep it from dominating our time. The anticipation of our 4th grandchild is taking over. Clara is due soon and so the nest is being made ready by the Peanuts crew. Drew has named us all Peanut characters, I am Linus and the Admiral is Lucy, Mom is Charlie Brown and Dad is Sally, Drew is Snoopy. His about to be born sister is Woodstock.

Seattle building Boom has not stopped, still going strong the three years we have been here..

Some of Seattle's finest musicians are born at Cornish college, need to make time to see some free concerts.

Ships have been coming into the harbor regularly to load up on gravel.

So many different views of Mt. Rainier

The alasken fishing fleet is returning to Seattle for the winter.

Dreaming of being right there soon.

One last in the water boat show on Lake Union.

This is the best part.

This famous trawler is still for sale, first noticed it two years ago at the Seattle Boat Show.

Should just sell everything and buy this Kady Krogen.

Another unexpected opportunity to see George Winston performing his timeless compositions at Benaroya Hall 

Big D goes to music class at the EMP, a great place to hang out for the mornings.

Ships from all over the world coming in for USA grain. this empty bulk cargo carrier is waiting for its turn at the grain dock.

Still hard to imagine that it takes about 50,000 acres just to fill one up.
Foss Tug pushing a loaded vessel off the grain dock.

The Seattle Art Museum, always free on first Thursday's.

Great Boat name

Who needs a job?

The main reason the $15.00 minimum pay passed so easily here in Seattle is the pay was already heading in that direction due to the extreme need for help in Seattle.why bother with $15 an hour when you can make well over $100K a year writing code?

Fall is real here

Makes the Mural at Seattle Center.

The biggest storm since the 60's was forecast to hit Seattle

It was windy

and all the stores were cleared of batteries, flashlights

and candles.

Even extreme high tides, but the storm veered to the North sparing widespread distruction.

October is the best time to see the salmon return to spawn. The closest place is the Cedar River just South of Seattle. The salmon return from the Pacific Ocean, swim through the lake Washington ship canal to Lake Washington and then up the Cedar River. Seattle Aquarium post staff at four different areas along the river to inform and guide the public through this incredible season of spawning:

The male stands guard as the female clears off a spot to lay her eggs. He then fertilizes the eggs. Out of approx. 3000 eggs.less than 4% return to spawn abut 7 years later.

and then their life's work is done and they both die off and float back down the river to provide nourishment to trees, other sea life and the natural habitat.

The Washington State fisheries collect truckloads of salmon to insure that a certain percentage of the eggs survive. A few years back some major floods destroyed a years worth of eggs. So now they are proactively protecting the sport fisherman and commercial fisherman as well. 

Two guys net the male/female pairs


They pass them off to other crew in boot shaped containers.

They are then placed in to seperate tanks, one for males, one for females and then hurriedly taken off to man made spawning tanks.

Our boat search has been narrowed to 35'-37' sailboats. After viewing "Leap of Faith" we crossed off 35' vessels.

The Salon area  could accommodate for perhaps a weekend or even a week.

But this 35 was a bit roomier, I really liked it.

But it had a Volvo Penta Sail drive. After some research we learned they are a bit more maintenance needy and ;every few years require replacement of the rubber  boot/gasket that surrounds the lower unit. It is a very big hole in the bottom of the vessel that you would never want to hit something.

Martti and Cookie stop by for a quick visit on the waty to Friday Harbor, San Juan Isl.

The veggies are in credible up here.
Mt. Rainier and the Cascades are always inspirational.

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