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August 2015 in Seattle

I was walking down to teach a sailing lesson and there was a Bocce Ball tournament going on. Evidently this is a Seattle thing: 

Then I saw this Morris Minor and had to take some pics since my first car in high school was just like it except I had a black hard top.

We took a quick trip to Texas in Early August and spotted this Corvair across the street from my brothers home in Austin. The Admiral had a red one in High school so we were both interested in getting this pic. There is quite a bit of nostalgia connected to your first cars.

A physical Therapist suggested Jack's as a really good BBQ joint in Seattle. We were very surprised, it was really very good!

The Ribs were spot on, the Brisket Good, but the sausage was not Texas style. 

Drew knows BBQ, His first taste of BBQ was at the Best in Texas at the Luling City Market. The Queso passed the test with him.

 Did not get the pic of Naomi but the music at the Thursdays SAM concert was always very unique and interesting.

The first consert was this band sponsored by Ear Shot Jazz and was one of my favorites
you can hear them at:

Uncle Graeme visits Seattle. We all get a great visit and Drew enjoys throwing rocks with his favorite Texas Uncle. 

On my way down to go for a sail I noticed this huge Schooner docked at Lake Union, I wondered if it was the Replica of the first US Americas Cup Racer that was rumored to be in the area. 

No, it was the Zodiac.We toured this boat several years ago when it was at the Wooden Boat Festival at the Center for Wooden Boats. 

At 160' she is pretty impressive . I'm thinking I will see her again this weekend when we go up to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, the Mother of all Wooden Boat Festivals in the world!

Can't Single hand this one!

Just as I left the dock she was pulling out.

That is the George Washington Bridge, With the North winds it took almost an hour to sail up here but it will be a quick trip back. The winds have been great all summer long.

I see this bicycle driven  paddle wheel Bar almost every time I'm on the lake now. They are having a really good season. Not sure I want to exercise while drinking beer?

A volunteer at the Center for Wooden Boats has a business that creates he volunteered to make this one for CWB. The boat rotates to demonstrate all points of sail and makes a very handy tool to teach fundamentals of sail trim and tacking and jibing.

The base also rotates so that you can always orient the points of sail according to the prevailing winds. A great idea that all yacht clubs and other instructional associations should build for themselves.

I was just checking my volunteer hours and realized I have instructed about 300 students so far during my volunteer time at CWB! 

Three of the many buildings under construction in south Lake Union are complete and filling with new employees. Each of the buildings hacve some type of unique art work along with a plaza.

The Late Summer wildfires across Eastern Washington state have lots of smoke bleeding over the top of the Cascades and blowing over Western Washington creating hazy skies and glowing sunsets.

The Western Washington wildfires are bleeding smoke over the Cascades making for smokey sunsets.

Only about a week of dense smoke on this side of the Cascades, gratefully we are shielded from the smoke by the Cascades and the Westerly winds the majority of time. 

On Sunday's you can go here a free concert at the Ballard Locks and then watch lots of Vessels returning from Puget Sound through the Locks.

On this late August Sunday lots of Salmon are navigating the Salmon Ladder at the locks.

The Seattle  City Council and Mayor is supporting a higher density style of living even in single family home neighborhoods due to the housing shortage. So you see a lot of this type of development going on where two homes where knocked down and replaced with 12 condos. Just to the right of these are a whole other set being built.

Back at the Sculpture Garden for the Thursday night concert. The First Big cold front is approaching over the Olympics. It brought 70 mile per hour winds (hurricane force) and lots of rain.

The temps really dropped off the last week of August, some weathermen said no more 80+ degree weather the rest of the year. 

They even called it Fallaugust but August could hardly be characterized as Fall, It had a record number of days 80+ and in the 90's.But I am amazed at how  the Season switch is thrown up here. One day it is summer and the next it is Fall.

Here you can see the red line measuring the gust at over 70 miles per hour. Not that unusual up here it just arrived a couple of months early. 

Everyone in Florida is bracing for what could be a real Hurricane and I willed this system down to them to blow it away.
And it worked!

There is this Homeless guy who collects stuff and sets up a living room in a small triangular bit of city land where three streets meet near us. I have seen the police and truks come and haul off all his stuff then he just goes and collects more and starts over.

Same spot after the trucks came and hauled off his stuff for the third time. I took this as we were on our way to the Mural for the summer concert series there see:

Getting Juiced up for the Big Game Sounders VS their Super Rivals The Portland Timbers

Get your Groove ON!

"Pity the Timbers", The Huge Flag shows a Timber swimming for his life as a Killer Whale is chasing him.

Game On!

We are in the Serious Fan Zone

Sounders for Life

And all that just for the Kick off.

The Party continues after this 2-1 win over the Timbers.
Listen here:

The Elevation on the street at Centurylink field is 5.1 meters or 16.7 feet above Sealevel (and the sea is just a couple of blocks away.

The Blue dot at the top of the map is where we live so to get to Century link we just walk South down !st Avenue. When in Seattle you are always either going up or down a hill. We walk up a slight grade to Virginia Place then down to CentruyLink. The thing is you do not notice how steep it is when you are walking down, but you certainly  know it when going the other direction up the hill home. Virginia Place is the high point along this route at 46.6 meters or 153 feet above sea level. So the walk home we climb a hill 136 feet in height. Does not sound like that much but when you go to a sporting event in Seattle no one ever sits down so after The walk there, over two hours of standing and jumping up and down + a couple of beers that 153 feet is pretty darn high!

August 2015 in Seattle

August finished off the warmest summer in weather history here in Seattle. Most number of days 90+ and most number of days 80+.  The Fall Weather switch turned the last week of August with the 1st big cold front having  some weathermen calling it Fallaugust and forecasting the end of 80+ degree days. We did have 1 more 80+ day in September so they missed the mark on both counts. August had mostly 80+ and some 90+ days so it can not be characterized as Fall and even though the Lows are lining up coming down from Alaska, they are just mild ones except for the very first one that had Hurricane strength winds and toppled lot of of trees that were weak from the summer drought. So Seattle also had the least rainfall ever in the summer and the ocean waters in Puget Sound and in the Pacific were reaching record high temps as well.
The ecosystem up here is so dependent on rainfall that all parts of the system all the way down to the salmon and shellfish were having a uncomfortable time of it. It certainly  has not been unpleasant for us but the native humans complained about the heat. We spent a week in Austin the early part of August and checked in with family and checked on the boat in Corpus. I stepped off the plan at the Dallas Ft.Worth Airport and a blast of dry heat hit me that I have not felt in a relatively long time.

 August in Seattle has found us enjoying all the numerous free events that we enjoy including three different music venues, Lake Union Sailing and Seattle Sounders Games. My blogging has slowed down a bit due to a book I am working on regarding Sailboats. I decided I have accumulated enough experience and information that I could share in book form to those in the sailing community and particularly those who may just be forming thoughts of  buying a cruising boat at some point in the future. There are several books that have been written on the same topic over the last 30 years but I feel I have a perspective and the experience to fill in the gaps that the others left behind. Anyway I have the final rough draft complete and fortunately for me my daughter is a professional writer and she has graciously agreed to edit the text for me. .When all is complete I plan to self publish on Amazon and I will certainly post the outcome here!

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